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    Philly Inquirer - Echoes of traditional tunes still heard in NJ Pine Barrens Didn't see if anyone else posted this....
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    Star Ledger - Saving that brown water
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    NY Times - The Pinelands That Time Forgot

    How did you guys miss this one? Pictures of Brooksbrae and everything.
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    Car crash in Pasadena
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    Pine Barrens Militia

    Anyone know anything about this? Camoflauge vehicles, stickers, etc. Just wondering....
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    Holes/pits near rr tracks in Pasadena

    About 200 feet south of the railway running parallel to Pasadena Road, east of where Buckingham Road crosses the tracks, I found three holes, about 3-4 feet deep, and maybe 10 feet across. There is nothing in them, though there are a number of old red bricks surrounding two of them. Any ideas...
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    Kayakers missing and found along Mullica
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    Railroad tracks from Woodmansie to Lakehurst

    Hello all. I am new to forum, but just moved to Whiting/Pasadena area and found this site. This might be in the wrong place, but I am wondering whether anyone knows why they are clearing the abandoned tracks that run parallel to Pasadena Road from Woodmansie, across 539, and into Lakehurst...