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  1. davensj

    Bear sighting

    That was all that was said, it was about mid day. I don`t recall exact time.
  2. davensj

    Bear sighting

    I hard on the scanner yesterday a Bear sighting on Hampton road. I don’t know who it was, it came a crossed the Dept Agriculture frequency, so it mite of been state rangers. What was said was “A mother and 3 cubs just crossed the road in front of me on Hampton road”.
  3. davensj

    '94 Dodge Dakota

    I got 2001 Dodge Dakota, Try posting it on A lot of guys look for the older Dakotas.
  4. davensj

    Millville Bunkers Destroyed?

    These bunkers/target placements were used for P-47 Thunderbolt target practice. This where the targets were raised and lowered. If you go there stand with your back to the open side of the bunkers and you’ll see sandy white areas. This is where the bullets were hitting the ground, you still...
  5. davensj

    Hike through Pine Barrens

    This was in one of the local newspapers today. 'Serious' hike through Pine Barrens is offered By John Barna March 13, 2010, 10:25AM WOODLAND TWP. – Serious hikers with an interest in exploring the heart of the Pine Barrens are invited to join New Jersey Conservation Foundation on...
  6. davensj

    Old Train Station ? ? ?

    I think thats the one that was moved there from Woodstown, and they were going to restore it and move it back. Don`t know why they`d move it to do that.
  7. davensj

    Thompsons Tidal Wave

    That same storm in 1950 almost wiped out Fortescue too, But the people stayed and rebuilt what was left. Alot people don`t know this, but Fortescue used to have a boardwalk about a mile long, that they never rebuilt.
  8. davensj

    seabreeze will be no more

    Don’t know if it really has anything to do with wildlife. A few years ago the state of NJ put in a new sea wall because the old one was washing away and the road was going with it and the houses would be next to go. The new wall they put in is caving in now and the state I guess don’t want to...
  9. davensj

    seabreeze will be no more
  10. davensj

    Tire Spikes On Tuckahoe Road

    UPDATE:Police arrest fourth man in booby-trap incidents
  11. davensj

    Tire Spikes On Tuckahoe Road

    3 arrested in road booby traps
  12. davensj

    Tire Spikes On Tuckahoe Road

    Reward offered in booby-trapped road case
  13. davensj

    Flying Squirrel

    I have a family of 4-5 that come every night to my Suet and seed feeders. Love watching them and they are Fast too, I can never get a pic.
  14. davensj

    Wildlife web cam.

    Wildlife web cam is back up and running.
  15. davensj

    HELP with tides?

    Here`s another thats real good too,
  16. davensj

    bay days

    That tavern your talking about was last open in the mid to late 70`s as Disco Bar. The guys name was Griner, George Griner I think. Anyway the Disco / Bar didn’t do to well and he closed it, sometime after it burn down. Back in the time (1950-60`s) when things were booming for the area shore...
  17. davensj

    Bear Swamp, Cumberland County

    Here ya go for anybody that can afford it, Bear Swamp Forest walk Sunday
  18. davensj

    What is wrong with this picture??

    Same here, I hate people who post stuff on there and don`t even know how to read a map or where there at on the map.
  19. davensj

    Wildlife web cam.

    Here`s another nice wildlife cam
  20. davensj

    Bitten by a dog (DOG BITE PHOTO)

    I hate Pit Bulls. One ever comes in my yard it`s going to feel the bite of a 9mm HP.