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    Canoe Atsion Lake this time of year?

    Good point! Sometimes I can't see the forest thru the trees.
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    Canoe Atsion Lake this time of year?

    With weather looking good I thought I would head out to Atsion Lake. Anyone know if the water level is high enough to paddle around without issues? I know it's late in season. Thx
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    Free Canoe!

    I'll be the next in line, if Long-a-coming bails I can definitely pick it up in a moments notice (well maybe within an hour or so).
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    First Kayak/Canoe Trip

    So if I was leaving a pickup vehicle down by the lake, can I go on Batsto Lake Rd all the way up to Quaker Bridge for the drop-off? Does it require a 4WD to get there? Thanks
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    How navigable is the Wading River after Sandy

    With the weather nice the weekend, thought we'd run the canoe down the Wading River, probably somewhere from Hawkins down to Beaver Branch. Anyone know the condition after Sandy, are there lots of tress/brush to deal with?
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    All she lost: My sister's battle with Lyme disease

    Guy, the statement "The odds most likely are very good that it may never happen again" may be a a bit misleading for a number of reasons. Having had Lyme disease does not provide protection against re-infection, many people who have had Lyme and been treated get renewed infection after...
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    All she lost: My sister's battle with Lyme disease

    When you made the appointment did you mention about pulling off an engorged deer tick? Not sure if they would have been able to fit you in sooner. If you do wait the 10 days I'm sure the doc will adjust the meds as neccessary. Good move in seeking out a quick treatment.
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    All she lost: My sister's battle with Lyme disease

    Looks like an engorged deer tick to me. I'm hoping that you will not wait until the "...rash appears", since the rash does not appear in 100% of the actual bites. To get back to the question about testing, yes you can send the tick away to test for Lyme, I believe it is around $150. The...
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    All she lost: My sister's battle with Lyme disease

    Good point, false positives are also bad. I would suggest you check out to get more information. With respect to testing, the MAJOR RECOMENDATIONS at the following link suggest clinical analysis of symptoms, not testing, be used to guide the treatment...
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    All she lost: My sister's battle with Lyme disease

    Long-a-coming: Forget the test, you were lucky you had a positive result but if it shows up negative it may (actually most likely) be a false negative. If your doc wants to stop meds because a test the negative then you need to strongly consider changing docs. I am not a doc and this is not...
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    How do I PM a member?

    I guess the title says it all, how can I PM a specific member?
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    Burrowing insects?

    Bees for sure. We have them every year in our yard as soon as the weather breaks. As to what kind I don't know.
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    Question on canoeing the Oswego

    Did you mean to say it should be over 3'10", or actually 3.10'? The water gauge reading depicted in feet (todays reading is 3.03') on the USGS site. If you meant 3'10" then the water gauge reading would need to be 3.83 or greater.
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    Garden State Wine Festival, In The Pines 9-19 and 20

    We've being going to that wine fest for a few years now. They only have their (Valenzano) wines for tasting, but the music is usually good and the food there is pretty good, but perhaps a bit overpriced. We always bring chairs and pack some food/snacks since we usually purchase a bottle to...
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    Possible Tick Illness

    Don't use the negative results of the lyme tests as a means to discount lyme (or any other tickborne illness). The tests are known to be very inaccurrate and perhaps an appropriate clinical diagnosis is best based on symptoms. You should hit the check out the referral info from "46er" since...
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    All she lost: My sister's battle with Lyme disease

    Guy, I'll try to keep this short... He initially had some stomach pains and pains in arms that would come and go. He also had some sleep issues and a slight fever that would also be intermittent. Being active and in puberty many of these things were initially attributed to just growing...
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    All she lost: My sister's battle with Lyme disease

    My son, just turned 17, has had Lyme for almost 4 years now. He has neurologic involvement (vision, headaches, trouble focusing - ie. brain fog) which has kept him out of school and requiring tutors to come to the house to keep his education going. He has had (like Ed) received IV antibiotics...
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    Upper Oswego

    Is the access right at the lake? Also, I have a 17' canoe so I was wondering how navigible it would be to on this part of the Oswego.
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    How do I get to Hawkins Bridge from Speedwell?

    Great, thanks for the help. If I'm coming from 563 thru Speedwell can I assume the most direct would be the road down from Eagle? Is there some landmark for the left turn off of Speedwell-Friendship Rd? Also, Now that I know how to get there, how is the access to the river? When we...
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    How do I get to Hawkins Bridge from Speedwell?

    We were going to canoe down from Hawkins bridge to Evan's Bridge last week. We started to follow a dirt road off of Speedwell-Friendship Rd but we turned around pretty quickly since we came upon what looked like a quarry. I thought I read somewhere that was the way to access the river...