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    Franklin Preserve - Chatsworth

    looks like an elivated out house ! beware of the round hole in the bottom ?
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    New Kayak

    to drunks with a submerged canoe trying to lift it stright out of the water to empty it out, both standing in shoulder deep water !! tandem kayak neither every having been in a kayak before, unable to steer it going from bank to bank and half filled with water ! kayaker and kayak, no...
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    New Kayak

    once i started kayaking i was hooked ! not much up here though with out a long drive yep, the solituide in the waterways in the pines is great and some of the rental clowns were good for some very laughable moments:rofl: do miss the pines !
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    Planned rally at Brendan Byrne 5/17

    i just read this in the news, below is a partial from the article New Jersey has headquarters or major facilities for 15 of the world's top 25 pharmaceutical companies. Before November's vote, lawmakers and Corzine approved $270 million to build five stem cell research facilities in the...
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    I saw something strange tonight

    YUM, YUM !! i am off to the beer store
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    Deadly Traps in Wharton SF

    yep i have found some of these past the rr tracks behind atsion a few years ago on some rarely used hiking trails and marked the on my gps and called the park police and gave the the cords, never got a call back form them definatly a mad person in the area !!
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    I want a gun...

    if you want a 22 just for plinking ruger 10-22 is a good one i just started compitition shooting 22lr and purchased a Anschutz 64 MPR and a savage mark II heavy barrel and have an CZ american 22lr on order lots of fun trying to score 250 points, yea right, trying to stay 1/4 on center on...
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    Know what these are?

    difinetly chiminey caps, look very much euorpean may be english or german ? don't seen too common round here....but maybe in filthadelphia or suburbs
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    What is "Chatsworth Woods"?

    yes, untill woodland twp got built up i liked talking to some of the old real pineys in the woods before the state of NJ kicked them out what i missed most was getting woke up by the train at appx 5 am passing close by applejack rd a few times i watched the train at pine crest and...
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    What is "Chatsworth Woods"?

    chatsworth woods consisted of the following : and possibly more new york pital rd park terrace north (where two remaing brick posts are at ringler rd (AKA highpoint rd)) then truns into Jefferson rd and back around to park terrace south then back to high point cedar hill ain't there...
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    West Jersey Society Stone

    guy shoud have been a detective, no crime would have gone unsolved ! or maybe he was one in past life ! he is sure good at finding this stuff !
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    Square concrete boxes

    early piney foundation for a "bathroom" facility ?
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    Just be glad you're in New Jersey!

    i went through hell to my nj photo licence, should not all states have the same requirements, oh stupid me i forgot, business needs lots of cheep labor, next the dems will want to give them the right to vote, then the repubs will want to kick them out, LOL
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    haunted graveyards

    Guy, you have never believed in ghosts and gobblins ! or have never gotten a feeling that in some parts of the pines or in dark swamps that you were being watched by past inhabitants or strange beings with two heads or other abnormalities :jd: ever been in a graveyard at night and feared...
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    Scat ID-outside of the pines

    looks like a rolled up chocolate power bar !
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    metal fence post?

    place by your front door to wart off evil sprits and other unwanted visitors !!
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    Murderer in the Pines !

    you guys that live in nj can't carry on your person, one of the first thing i did when i got a chance was go down to the county sheriffs office and got my carry licence took about 1/2 hour now i carry a 9mm or a .380 most of the time !! you just never know, but up here a person is much safer...
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    New version of Garmin Topo maps available

    wow ! it showes the small dead end DEER PATH, 10 foot wide, 300 ft long, dirt, we live on, elivation 2350 feet, but they spelled it wrong they added a "s" to end of the name it should be heller path. not hellers path gee, i might have to upgrade now
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    Does anyone here go out to the PA WILDS

    we live 14 miles from cherry springs sp watch our for the...:bear:
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    Is Carranza Road a bad place to be at night?

    there was always some sort of trouble in the pines, just different types. back in the early 60's i don't remember forest rangers, just the SP patroling the forest, just the paved roads "deer jacking" dumping and stripping of stolen vehicles was rampid so at night if you stumbled upon the...