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    New Book Recc: North Woods by Daniel Mason

    There's a supernatural element to it in parts; it's not so much a mystery overall as a rolling history of this fictionalized area and the people who pass over it, change it, etc. But very well done.
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    New Book Recc: North Woods by Daniel Mason

    I've just finished North Woods by (Pulitzer prize nom) Daniel Mason, which came out a couple months ago, and rather than focusing on a specific character or characters it very interestingly focuses on a New England property over the centuries, beginning with the earliest British colonists, two...
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    Stolen: Carved Jersey Devil Statue of Lucilles Luncheonette, Warren Grove

    Didn't see this mentioned here yet, so I thought I'd make the post: dirtbags took Lucille's JD last night. Their public social media has the videos: Here are some direct Facebook links of the same: Initial incident post...
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    All-Terrain Vehicle Problem

    Having an agency to mark out, manage and collect fees for ATV activity and then use that money to properly (and strongly, to send a message) enforce the activity in unauthorized areas seems like a win for everybody but the small outliers who generally don't like rules anyway and their opposite...
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    All-Terrain Vehicle Problem

    The sites of Beachwood Plaza and adjacent former mining/pollution dump known locally as Johnson's Pit, in Berkeley Township, has been a Mad Max-style post-apocalyptic ruined industrial wasteland for two full decades, where ATV and dirtbikes regularly roam. Nobody appears interested or willing to...
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    Boyd's Hotel

    Caught a news item in the February 16th, 1923 New Jersey Courier (Toms River weekly), during prohibition, that revives this generation-old thread (text shared here as it falls before the now-1927 public domain cutoff) - == Troopers Bring in Two Stills Tuesday, at noon, the two...
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    Lines on the Pines 2023

    I was there; very nice as always.
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    Train-to-Blimp Transfer, Crossley PRR

    Yeah I used the slider comparison tool between the cleaner 1940 aerial and 2019, then cross referenced it to Google Maps to verify the trail pattern where the buildings were. Then I dove right down the research rabbit hole and clipped a bunch of articles on it. I've had success using Ancestry to...
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    Train-to-Blimp Transfer, Crossley PRR

    To follow up my own post, I went down a bit of a rabbit hole on Crossley on (am aware of the no-posting-newspapers-here rule, with good reason). The historic aerials site shows the buildings gone by 1956.
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    Train-to-Blimp Transfer, Crossley PRR

    Someone somewhere else posted this video, which I'd never seen before (apologies to the original poster, wherever you are - I saved the video but forgot the source). The stunt was neat but seeing the old village from the various camera angles was really cool. Anybody know of publications or...
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    Oil in the Pines

    Oil speculation ran through Jackson in the early 1920s; I included an account from the Newark Call that outlined it in one of my Ocean County 100 years ago posts for Toms River Seaport Society, here - I'd included...
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    Midway Atoll

    A brilliant new book came out from Hard Case Crime, titled Five Decembers, in which Midway (and Wake) play a role. I've read it twice in the past month. Wartime noir but so much better. For those interested, here's a bit about it: December 1941. America teeters on the brink of war, and in...