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    When is Franklin Parker closed for deer hunting?

    i recall seeing a sign that it’s closed for about a week in December for deer hunting. Anyone know the exact dates this year?
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    Saw my first coyote today

    Was driving out to Franklin Parker Preserve this morning and I saw a coyote running across one of the farms on 532. It was the first coyote I’ve ever seen in person and I was struck by how large it was. It looked like a wolf. Driving home I saw another one dead on the side of the road. As...
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    Just did a 9 mile loop along the Mullica Trail this morning. I had my sneakers, socks, and wind pants sprayed with Permethrin. That was done to protect from ticks. I didn't realize chiggers were such an issue. So far it looks like I escaped unscathed.
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    Driving In Wharton - Newbie Questions

    I'm new when it comes to driving in Wharton. Every time I've hiked in Wharton I've always left my car at Atsion or Batso and just hiked in. A have a few questions. 1. Can you get to the Carranza Memorial without driving on sandy dirt roads? I look at the map and it looks like you have to...
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    Why so few bears in the pine barrens?

    I was just reading an article on bears and how their population has exploded in NJ. Despite this there are few if any bears in the pine barrens. I guess it's as simple as there's just not enough food in the pine barrens to sustain them. I wonder though, what are bears eating in North...
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    What's the story behind the blue pond at Franklin Parker?

    Yes that's the one. It's not far from 532 in the Franklin Parker Preserve. I saw it and wondered if the color was due to purity or pollutants. It sure looked clear.
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    What's the story behind the blue pond at Franklin Parker?

    Theres a pond in the Franklin Parker Preserve that has unaturally light blue color to it. The water is very clear and looks nothing like the water in the surrounding bogs. Is this water pure or has some pollutant caused the strange color? Any ideas?
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    Anyone planning on hiking or exploring during the blizzard?

    No four wheel drive here but I bet it would be fun. Anyone planning on exploring the pines during the blizzard? If so where?