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  1. martink

    Soggy Ground: A Geography of Pine Barrens Wetlands — Saturday, April 20, 2024.

    That sounds absolutely fabulous. I think I saw the book at Lines but didn't know you had a real name lol. Probably can't make it to Pemberton but I'll definitely order the book.
  2. martink

    4.8 earthquake. I felt it.

    Sorry, I forgot to add that: . It's what they're calling the "Shake Map." I clicked on "contours" and clicked through to the full map. I can't quite tell the source of the data. I don't think it's just user reports...
  3. martink

    4.8 earthquake. I felt it.

    I'm fascinated by the contour "shake map" map. The Williamstown bubble, the bulb coming up from Cape May, that weird prong coming down toward Sea Isle. It really surprises me that the reports I'm seeing don't correspond more to distance. Data point: none of my family in Hammonton felt it. Also...
  4. martink

    Police search state forest for woman reported missing from Atlantic County

    Oh wow, I too went by Batsto on Sunday and wondered why there were so many state police cars by the Mullica River Landing. It’s odd that the article doesn’t say when she went missing.
  5. martink

    What is this? Located next to Steven's Creek, in the back of the John Estell House remains in Estellville, NJ.

    In construction it resembles the old pump house at the head of Hammonton Lake, which was overgrown but still had equipment inside 20 years ago (it’s all been taken down now).
  6. martink

    Fixed a bug in the new USGS topo's

    Oh wow, yes I am interested, thanks. I'll need to add that to my favorites. The dark purple just seem to be what we civilians would call watersheds or drainage basins. The light purple seem to be mini-drainage basins. My backyard looks complicated and I know from living here that there are...
  7. martink

    Fixed a bug in the new USGS topo's

    Totally tangential to your post (though I appreciate your perfectionism), but in that view you can really see how many rivers start in and around Buena. They go off in all directions to completely different watersheds. Berlin has a similar feature. Thanks for compiling so many different maps—I...
  8. martink

    Early 1900's NJ Pine Barrens Boundary Map

    No worries, I saw that a few minutes after commenting. Good stuff.
  9. martink

    Early 1900's NJ Pine Barrens Boundary Map

    Cool to see. I'm surprised that the tidal areas of the Mullica and Great Egg Harbor Rivers aren't included south/east of Batsto and Mays Landing respectively. I can't imagine they were very industrial but they are a different ecosystem so I guess the mapmaker decided they weren't piney enough...
  10. martink

    Getting to Mount / Washington without a mudder vehicle or dirtbike?

    In the Google Maps app you can download offline maps for any area. I just went into airplane mode to see if it also does satellite view and seems to—most of the pine barrens were working but areas further out toward Delaware (which I haven’t downloaded) were fuzzy.
  11. martink

    Mobile data usage

    I recently added it to the home screen of my iPhone. I didn't realize before that that's the way to keep the settings. Now I just drive around all over, most often with the 1890 UJ USGS Topo map as it's got a nice mix of roads and trails.
  12. martink

    Nash's Cabin 2022

    I thought "oh I've been on that bridge recently" and then checked and it was June 2020. Gotta get back out!
  13. martink

    EHC is trying to redevelop part of the city lake park into a warehouse

    So good to hear people turned out and even better that the project looks dead. Our kids use the lake facilities for scouting and no way a big box store would enhance that. There are so many other places to put that store. Thanks for the update!
  14. martink

    Tindall Island hike

    Yes. I'm Googling "Bridgeton Port Authority" and see years of articles about this apparent boondoggle. This opinion piece from 5 years ago gives a bit of the history. There's also a reference to a 1985 "cultural resources investigation" by the Army Corp on "Tindal Island" in connection to what...
  15. martink

    Tindall Island hike

    From the aerials it looks like the dike came in sometime between the “1980s” images and 1995. It’s not an ancient structure.
  16. martink

    Tindall Island hike

    Thanks AMF. I started Googling about local dredge disposal projects and found an article about “Dredge Island” near Sea Isle City. When I went to the LiDAR it has the general shape. Checks out with your explanation! I was lucky to escape chiggers this trip. It would be chigger heaven.
  17. martink

    Tindall Island hike

    I found myself in Greenwich with a couple of hours with nothing to do this Sunday so brought my running shoes. Looking on the map for a destination the night before I saw Tindall (aka Tyndall Island) Island Trail. Searching for more info I came across a most excellent 2010 trip report and thread...
  18. martink

    On the ground with the high-res LIDAR

    My 8 and 9 year olds have dug holes and filled buckets in part of our backyard and they’re on the LIDAR :)
  19. martink

    On the ground with the high-res LIDAR

    Boyd, that is cool how trails come in and out of prominence on the LIDAR site depending on angle. Yes, I was using your mobile app on my phone, along with the NJGIN map and Google Maps to cross-reference my location. FWIW, the slightly lower resolution on your maps showed me everything I could...