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    Poking Around

    even raptors will predate upon them and take them further inland
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    Where is this?

    Prior to Lower Bank Road being built, when you left LB by crossing the bridge out of town the road turned left through the meadows and towards Landing Creek. When you reached Landing Creek you could turn left and go towards the "warf" at the mouth of the creek & Mullica River. Two years ago the...
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    Wading River Raceway, A PBX Hike

    I hiked into this spot from 3 miles further south in Feb 2011 for my 50th bday explore. I have documents and research on the area that I am looking for to share with you all.
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    Wading River Raceway, A PBX Hike

    You and I began to head up that way many moons ago when we explored the west side.....
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    Old road running through Mordecai Swamp

    About 5-7 years ago I hiked the "1808 trail" from Buttonwood to Batsto. It goes from the camp west then turns north to lovely, elevated, sphagnum covered roadbeds (large iron pipes run under them for drainage?) Then it's on to some higher elevation that skirts from the south to the northwest...
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    Rosa Rugosa

    Gets aggressive in garden settings and is difficult to remove. Not to mention the nasty thorns. I planted once in my driveway because I figured if it grew in the sand it would grow in gravel. Absolutely right but I still pull some now and then.
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    Cemetery Searching

    I recall stories .....I have to think on this
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    Blow-out Tide on the Mullica

    here you go Gabe....
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    Toyota 4runner

    silence! You know not where it's been. :ninja:
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    Toyota 4runner

    You need an Element ;)
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    NJ hunter found stabbed and beaten to death at Boy Scout reservation

    Mark and I discussed this as we walked a slightly remote area today and realized that if either of us were in the location solo, these stories can creep into your head and take away from the enjoyment of being out. I always felt more comfortable the further out I got, figuring I'd see less...
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    Recreation vs. conservation in the Pinelands

    And therein lies the confusion and rift that exists about the policies and discussions. In the big picture OHV does not necessarily mean a quad. Bob, your truck and my Honda are OHV. They travel off the highway. But this man, interprets the MAP policy to disallow for quad use. Their...
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    West Jersey Cranberry Meadow

    It may not have been offered to the state.
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    Cranberry Farming Has a History in NJ (Thanksgiving Recipe Included)

    leftovers here as well as you can imagine....glad you enjoyed!
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    Cranberry Farming Has a History in NJ (Thanksgiving Recipe Included)

    Going to cook an 18 lb turkey (it was free!) with all the good things that go with it. Mashed and sweet potatoes were done last night, stuffing today, dessert tonight. Some veggies to make me feel responsible tomorrow. I made homemade cranberry sauce on Saturday. Bob, you can drive-by...
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    Oji reminded me of this.... Who remembers she and Paul joining us at one of our Pic-a-lili outings? She absolutely was a brilliant, joyful and loving woman. So full of life. Love to Paul and family.
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    Various From Today

    that green arrow
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    Various From Today

    The green arrow!......