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  1. geezerfinneran

    Music for the day

    That AC/DC cover was incredibly good !
  2. geezerfinneran

    Pickerel from the pines

    Great ! Sounds like the start of a new legend : KILLER FISH OF THE JERSEY PINES !!
  3. geezerfinneran

    Jersey Devil Alternate Origin

    Gee ! All I remember is: Deep in the Jersey Barrens Outside the town of Leeds There lived a lonesome wider---- No one to tend her needs. So: One All Hallows Eve'nin When the moon was pale an' white She cried: " I'd let ol' Scratch himself Come share my charms tonight !: (Yes, there is...
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    Bread and Milk

    Hey Weather Channel : that's pretty crappy !
  5. geezerfinneran

    So, you've found a lost cemetery. Now What?

    This same person would-no doubt-refrain (with pious disclaimers) from disturbing a Native American or Afro-American cemetery...
  6. geezerfinneran

    Snowy Owl

    Breathtaking shots !!
  7. geezerfinneran

    That had to hurt....

    I love that one comment : " In general, rabid animals can be quite aggressive." The word "fatuous " as in " what a fatuous bureaucrat !" comes to mind...
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    Window Watching Notes

    Beautiful shot ! I'm in a rehab center (Manor Care) at moment, and the outside world seems miles away. :(
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    Local Police May Be Tracking Your Cell Phone Calls

    Let's re-title this thread : " Local Police May NOT Be Tracking Your Cell Phone Use !!" ;)
  10. geezerfinneran

    Dealey Plaza Still Echoes
  11. geezerfinneran

    Jersey Devil

    The moral of this story Is easy fer to see: Ol'Satan's always willin' To furnish company. So: Gentlemen be on yer toes: Better treat them ladies right- Or that ol' Jersey Devil Might take yer place some night !
  12. geezerfinneran

    Just in time for Hallowe'en : Revised "Greenwood Girl"

    To save space, I'll just refer you to my site: I think you'll enjoy the visit !
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    Two Hawks Hunting Out Back This AM

    Found this Cooper's Hawk on Google: Looks like my two visitors.
  14. geezerfinneran

    Two Hawks Hunting Out Back This AM

    There were two hawks hunting a squirrel in the back yard this morning. (They may have been young, because they weren't very good at it !) I couldn't identify the species .(Coloration was identical, so I'm guessing they had been nest mates.) Size: about half again the size of a dove. Color...
  15. geezerfinneran

    "Finding Bigfoot" in a rut

    Mmmmm...Let's add a bit of insult to injury : researcher claims Bigfoot is real ( So there !) Colleagues in scientific community say : "Not so much..."
  16. geezerfinneran

    Critters unleashed in NJ

    Every year people demand that the city remove bayberry bushes because they attract Tree Swallows which crap on their cars and in their swimming pools. I personally would prefer that the city remove their swimming pools, cars, and the condos they only live in for three months out of the year...
  17. geezerfinneran

    Picture of a giant bird seen in the pines

    I'm thinking : previously undiscovered rarest of the rare sub-species ?
  18. geezerfinneran

    Picture of a giant bird seen in the pines

    There is a very large owl - generally found in old growth forests of Russia : Blakiston's (Russian Fish Owl). It has the huge wingspan suggested in the photo. There is a whole page of them on Google...
  19. geezerfinneran

    You Were Mistaken !!

    Does that shark look a little PO'd to you ?
  20. geezerfinneran

    You Were Mistaken !!

    I know most of you ignored the sage warnings given on TV during "Shark Week". "After all", you probably thought. " Who ever heard of a shark attack in the NJ Pines ? " Hey ! You were warned !!