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    Anybody Want to Live in Pasadena?

    Jerseyman, An additional chapter in the whole Pasadena affair includes an early twentieth century development that was later platted with Ocean County called Red Oak Park. Ironically, the development was situated near the former Red Oak Grove placename, and contained the southwest portion of...
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    Native American Shell Middens

    And, let's add to the mix... Strip malls, home improvement stores, "warehouse" shopping centers, McMansions, the list goes on... :) Thanks to everyone for the warm welcome back. It is good to be posting again. Things have been a little hectic and I have not had time to lift my head...
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    Native American Shell Middens

    The story that I had heard about the seven-foot tall Native American skeletons involved a mass confusion of faunal remains. The way that I had heard it was that it was not uncommon for prehistoric burials to be commingled with deer and canine burials, and that the reason for such long bones was...
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    Ft. Dix Bomark Site information....

    Sorry, been too busy with work to stop up on the site for visits. Hope all is well in the Pines! And, don't forget (shameless self promotion) to sign up for my archaeology tour of Brooksbrae in October with Pinelands Preservation. Talk to you soon! Scott
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    Ft. Dix Bomark Site information....

    I have heard from a reputable source that Jerseyman actually has stacks in his home library. From what I understand, it is a sight to behold. Perhaps, it is the true meaning of bibliophile. Cheers!
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    Scary Abandoned House between Tuckerton and New Gretna

    As far as finding the date of death, you can check the newspapers at the ocean county historical society, or you can go to the county surrogate's office and check the probate records. If she died in the county, it should be on file. Just some thoughts
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    Not the blue hole, but something like it

    Ben, The color of the water in that area is also tinted by Ilmenite, a version of titanium-oxide which naturally occurs in the clays and soils within the area. The minerals would cause some strange effects on the waters. If you look at aerial images of the Owens Hill (Woodmansie) clay pits...
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    Brooksbrae getting worse

    In addition to Ben's final comment, it should be noted that though a permit is not needed to photograph, it is illegal to remove any historic material (artifacts or trinkets) from property under State, Local or Federal stewardship. So please, leave the place as you found it. However, I feel...
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    More Pine Barrens Weirdness

    It would appear that you have photographed a septic / sewer graveyard. The Large round concrete disc appears to be a septic tank cover, while the rectangular piece with the hole looks like the top of a septic tank. The pipe segments are most likely sewer pipe. You are probably right that they...
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    The toponym "Hockamick"

    Here is an interesting, but probably useless observation... Hauche(n) Mich translates to "Breathe Me" in German.
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    History of the Brooksbrae Brick Company

    From what I remember, the Brooksbrae Brick company closed at a severe loss and posted a loss every year. This I took to mean that the executors of Kelly's estate merely held the property in trust until such a time as the clause in his will allowed them to sell it. ie, they were stuck with an...
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    History of the Brooksbrae Brick Company

    Jerseyman, I stand corrected. Kudos to you for a fine piece of research. My commentary on that article was opinion, not researched fact (hence the line "just some thoughts"). I was simply addressing the dubious nature of the information. Thank you so very much for setting the record...
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    History of the Brooksbrae Brick Company

    Bill, you are correct. I saw the will and the probate records myself. They are on file in the probate room of the Ocean County Court House in Toms River. The same information is also in the company records at the Department of Commerical Affairs Archives (one floor below the State Archives)...
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    History of the Brooksbrae Brick Company

    Ben, Unfortunately, the Clevengers were not the caretakers. The actual caretakers were Polish immigrants named Tomaszewski. And, yes they did die in a fire at the house. The problem that I have with the "Mirror" story is that its credibility is dubious from the get-go. First, the...
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    History of the Brooksbrae Brick Company

    After reading that article about the Brooks Brae Factory a couple more times, it looks like typical folk lore. I am sure that it is based upon some fact, but it would be interesting to locate the actual police reports for that area. Ironically, there were several instances in that area that...
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    History of the Brooksbrae Brick Company

    The area seems to have developed its own identity. I know that there is a pagan group that meets in the area called "Red Oak Grove" (not to be confused with the ghost town of the same name), but as far as "Satanist" activity, I would be skeptical. There would be police reports to substantiate...
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    Help ID an old strutcture

    The easiest way to post an image from Google Earth is to use a Ctrl + Print Screen command to capture the image, then paste it into photo editor or a similar graphics program. You can then save the image, and crop away what you do not want. There are other ways as well, but like I said, this...
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    Lacey Station

    Those bricks are from what has been known as the "union clay works." I have an article on this site that actually "Pasadena and its neighboring clay industry" that actually details the history. I did not include in this article that the area was also known as "plainville." The brick was...
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    Holes/pits near rr tracks in Pasadena

    Ben, The Wheatland Land Improvement Co. sold roughly 1200 parcels. These were small nineteenth-century parcels, however, that were only a fraction of the 1600 acre proposed development that spanned the borders of Ocean and Burlington Counties. The unfortunate reality of the situation is...
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    Holes/pits near rr tracks in Pasadena

    These are likely vestiges of the Wheatland Land Improvement Company's attempt at establishing a development called "Pasadena." What you are looking at are the remains of the few buildings that were actually built in "Pasadena." Scott W.