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  1. NealS

    Historic Preservation in Wharton State Forest: A Lost Cause?

    I don't have anything to add to the debate about ecology vs history, however in regard to the poll, there's another option. Instead of physical signs or marks on the ground which some might find objectionable and would ultimately require physical and monetary upkeep, you could create content...
  2. NealS

    Trains found underwater off of NJ coast

    I can't think of any purpose to ship a locomotive with water in the boiler, so maybe they had a softer landing than would have otherwise occurred. Assuming they were sealed up, the added bouyancy might have also kept them upright.
  3. NealS

    State pheasant stocking ends.

    There's still tons of pheasants running around Warren County as of this week. You may as well come get some before the cars finish them off. You can drive down Route 57 and pass a dead bird every half mile.
  4. NealS

    Glass at Batsto

    I think I dismissed it not so much because it looked modern, but because it came off the top of the dirt in a high foot traffic area. My wife actually asked me if it was potentially from the glass factory and my thought was immediately that anything on the surface so close to the visitor's...
  5. NealS

    Glass at Batsto

    My wife and I were walking around before noon on Saturday. She found a few bits of a pale blue glass in the dirt by the stables. I thought it might be modern. Didn't even think about the flooding.
  6. NealS

    The Jersey Taverns

    That was a very enjoyable read!
  7. NealS

    Piney Justice at Colliers Mills

    Good stuff. I'm sure there's more to Ephraim Emson than what's been presented thus far, but he still somehow comes out looking like Mr. Potter from It's a Wonderful Life.
  8. NealS

    Piney Justice at Colliers Mills

    Thank you! I've been a fan of this site for years now, so I'm glad to be able to contribute.
  9. NealS

    Piney Justice at Colliers Mills

    Interesting article. Fultonhistory has a little bit more about what happened in a story taken from The National Police Gazette. It's actually a little bit funny. Here's a link to the PDF. You can also find it by going to and searching for Ephraim Emson.