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    Just saw this. simply put a more road friendly tire.
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    Were on my JK when I bought it. General Grabbers. NOT my tire of choice. Took 'em off. Remarkably good shape. 37" 12.5 x17 Interested, message me I will give details and price,
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    Thank you sir, Unfortunately Sam still has eyes on the 200mph mark. He said at 174 there was still plenty more. Lawd Hep me Both enjoy being out on the water with me. Harder and harder to align those times to do it. We all have full lives.
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    This was not a staged shot. Just sorta happened.
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    So Hey Bob and Scott, Remember little Sammy that rode in the Redneck ride and Bob carried through a meadow... 24, Civil Engineer at Collier, bought a house like, this week, has his own band, has a 2019 Gen 6 Camaro worked to the Ass. He's only, poor baby, had it up to 174 and it will pull close...
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    So Uhhh, yeah. That's mine. Hi everybody. Been a busy lad. Life has been Lifey. This girl is a welcome addition. Beach Permits only.... She's not a Pavement Princess, just not interested anymore in Pine Barrens Politics just to get a good ride in. In the vastness of the Pine Barrens I can walk...
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    I'll Never Tire Of This Spot

    So many postcard worthy photos at every turn out there Scott. Nice share.
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    Tornado Damage

    The tornado/waterspout that hit High Bar Harbor in Barnegat Light this summer did a bastardly amount of damage. Saw news footage, drone photos, stuff posted on different sites, the LBI site included. Got up pretty close from water. Holy cow. A lot of souls got very lucky that day. It is a...
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    Six Day Starts Tomorrow, December 7, 2020

    Scott do you know how many Rosedale took.? I stood across the street Sunday morn drinkin my coffee and counting but had to go a bit. Came back and all the cutting was done. Since the combining they have grown in size and with the new club president's ruling they have become good neighbors. Not...
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    Tornado Shelter

    Get a 1500 gallon precast concrete septic tank and plop that in the backyard. Less than those silly things and that pup ain't goin nowhere. No charge for advice Bob. g
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    Local train company seeks to keep Blue Comet memory alive

    I am sure it is cool Maria, There have been a number of publications on the Blue Comet. I was blessed enough to have the friendship of an old timer who turned me on a to a little known snippet regarding the Blue Comet right in sight of my homestead. In the interest of whatever copyrights are...
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    Thanks Ben

    A welcome to the newcomer and a reminder of how long some of you fine folks have been in my life, Nothing like a little nostalgic stroll through the threads to bring back memories. Even the ones concerning folks who definitely don't share the passionate like mindedness of all things Barrens in...
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    Greetings and Welcome to the beginnings of the Temperate Seasons you Empassioned Lovers of all that is The New Jersey Pine Barrens and the Jersey Shore. Any with a sense of my proclivities knows of only one place in existence I would have it to welcome the first sunset other than Boulevard. The...
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    Cemetery Searching

    I should have a sit down with my Aunt Norm sometime. Herself and my Uncle Mike had become close Friends with Birdsall as they had a lot close to his, maybe one or two over. Admittedly I am a little hazy on that one, because I also remember hanging in a small gazebo or something, between the two...
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    Another Then & Now

    Somewhat interesting that in what is truly a blink in time has provided these monuments with the feel of a thing from decades if not centuries ago. Natures takes back, yet all the while gives character and substance, intrigue and wonder. Hopefully if the process continues and left undisturbed...
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    Another Then & Now

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    Man I had designs on a visit this eve and the ice shell on my car and my driveway was enough to tell me... To Heck with it.
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    Iron Mill

    Oh, Guys... just a tribute to how long Ben has been providing such an amazing site... It was around a good bit I guess before I joined and.... My youngest, Jason, who coined my very signature quote when I would take him to the woods at the homestead... My Grandpop was still alive then... that...
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    Iron Mill

    O.K., Just for grins and to further stimulate the curious, I clipped a bit off the historic topo, and since I'm working from that, with some really confident guess work and some basic memory of where the homestead would have fallen... I dropped a little dot, I'll guess pretty darn close to where...
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    Iron Mill

    And I will give you that's a pretty good point guy. Wish I had some input from my childhood on that but while I do actually remember the stones around the bridge, I wasn't exactly pondering why the stones were there back then. As a kid you're thinking about trolls under bridges hiding behind...