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  1. Chrisr

    The moment you've all been waiting for...

    Let's go one further. Ever find a dead Bigfoot?? And yes, I've found a dead body. Floating in the Delaware a couple years ago.
  2. Chrisr

    Merry Christmas from NJPB

    Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to all!!
  3. Chrisr

    Sunday Stone Searching Seriously Started

    I really like the picture, "Entering the Chamberlain". There's that certain aura about it.
  4. Chrisr

    'Recovery' of Sand Roads After Sandy/Nor'Easter

    Agreed Al!! I've been to the pines on my days off during the week and feel like I'm the only one out there at times. Heck, I probably am!!! It is great though. Nothing but the sounds of the wildlife all around. Can't beat it!
  5. Chrisr

    Sandy aftermath

    My family and home are all well. Only thing that happened was the wind took the cover off my grill and set down right next to it!! I also lost most of the leaves off my trees. Ben I hope all works out for you.
  6. Chrisr

    More Nature 2012

    Bobbleton, Awesome shots!! How long did you have to wait for that Timber to yawn??
  7. Chrisr

    The Lure of the Land - A photographic journey through the pine barrens, New Jersey’s

    Never get tired of looking at your work, Chase!! Great stuff!
  8. Chrisr

    Did You See It? US Navy Blimp Flying Over Toms River

    I saw that a few weeks ago along the coast in Ocean City NJ.
  9. Chrisr

    The List

    Just an idea, but maybe someone could post important phone numbers to have in your cell phone for when your out in the big woods. I know myself, I would like to have them just in case something should happen or you see something out there Couldn't hurt, ya know?? I know now that I don't have a...
  10. Chrisr

    Various Photo's From Today

    If you can get a polarizing filter for your lens, Guy, I highly recommend it.
  11. Chrisr

    Some Pie for the Teens

    Yes Largo, what is the date of the trip?? Reason I ask, a friend of mine may just be in the tower that day.
  12. Chrisr


    Looking forward to this CD also Jeff!!!! I'm surprised I haven't worn out my copy of Leeds Devil Blues yet!
  13. Chrisr

    Whats the possibility??

    I'm glad I got the responses I did. After thinking about it, and reading the responses, I'm leaning towards the Pine snake. The buzz I heard must of been it's tail on the leaves. Unbelievable how well that can scare the crap outta you!!!
  14. Chrisr

    Whats the possibility??

    Thought of that to, Guy. But there was a distinct rattle in there. Kinda like a buzz.
  15. Chrisr

    Whats the possibility??

    OK, then, thats what I kinda thought. Seems as though I more than likely had my first encounter with one today. I was given the "warning", which I heard and froze in my tracks. I was given another warning, this time I realized it was in a pile of leaves not more than 2 feet from my left ankle...
  16. Chrisr

    Whats the possibility??

    Whats the possibility of Timber Rattlers already being active right now?? I will explain the reason for my question a little later on, after some replies.
  17. Chrisr

    The Lure of the Land - A photographic journey through the pine barrens, New Jersey’s

    Chase, amazing work once again!!! I can only hope to take photos half as good as yours someday!! Chris
  18. Chrisr

    Video Camera

    I also have the Flip. Very nice and small. great Video too. Too bad Cisco is getting away from these things.
  19. Chrisr

    Music for the day

    I bought some Feckin Irish Whiskey for St. Patty's day. Couldn't pass it up with a name like that!! LOL!!