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    Zeb's Bridge

    On the Rutgers Historical 1906 South Jersey map there is a place called Zeb's Bridge between Giberson's Mill and Dover Forge on what seems like the Davenport Branch. I searched for Zeb's Bridge on here and got no hits but I seem to recall it being mentioned on a Crossley thread. Can anyone...
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    Where is this?

    Did I miss the reveal for post #2131? That looks like a really nice spot.
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    Music for the day

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    Music for the day

    Love the Tivoli Gardens Europe '72 my Mom was born and raised around 40 kilometers from there. Probably one of my favorite dead eras.
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    New Jersey officials seeking live-in caretaker for historic tavern

    Has anyone gone to any of the re-enactments here held in December like the article states? Would love to see some photos. The revolutionary timeframe in the pine barrens is of great interest to me. I also studied NJ History in about the Fourth Grade and vividly remember the parts on Captain...
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    Tory Pine Tree Robbers

    I grew up in Howell and my family moved out in1978 for Toms River. I went to school with a couple of Dennis brothers and once recall seeing a list of students from the old Oak Glen School that had more than a few Woolleys. Of course there is Woolley's Fish Market on route 9.
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    Be careful out there...

    I always thought that the reason beer was safer to drink than water back in the day was because they boiled the wort which resulted in sterilization.
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    Blue dotted line

    Yes, exactly like that.
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    Blue dotted line

    I have a question about the blue dotted lines on the Lidar maps. My assumption are that they are waterways/streams that are seasonal in nature. Am i correct in this?
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    Man Falls in Camp Fire

    It was late in the evening. Probably closer to around 17-18 Genny's.
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    South Jersey

    This is exactly where I land on this. I grew up in the southern area of Howell Township and in grade school we had families who we referred to as hicks or pineys. "Them piney Dennis brothers live on a boat up on stilts back in the woods surrounded by big dogs everywhere." We could get neither...
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    Pemberton Historic Trust must remove trains

    This is sad to read. I am always saddened when history is removed in the name of progress. Was really hoping someone had gotten a few picks of that rolling stock. Remember skipping school back in the to pleasure ride around Upper Freehold Township and was blown away that a rail line existed...
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    Man Falls in Camp Fire

    One time while camping along the Delaware up near Barryville after one or twelve brews, I fell in to the campfire. My fellow campers referred to me by my new "Indian" name for the rest of the trip: Firestumbler.
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    Another thread I loved. Down here in Florida it is said that the appearance of some Roseate Spoonbills is a sign of a flourishing ecosystem in the area. I would think that could apply to turkey populations in the Pinelands. Should really be our National bird instead of the eagle as Franklin...
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    Stone Searching Fall/Winter 2023-2024

    I just loved this thread. Outstanding photography. Thank you.
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    Tar Kiln Locations?

    One of the feeders of Kettle Creek is named Tar Kiln
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    Just saying thanks

    I grew up on North Bay Ave off of Church Road.
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    Whippoorbill's gift to us

    I have to say that this is one of my all time favorite threads so far on here. Thank you for bringing the magic of a pine barrens night in to my own back patio.
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    What's the story behind the blue pond at Franklin Parker?

    The chemical plant in Toms River. Good read...