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    Pieces Of Hampton Park History

    And if anyone is ever up for a good paddle and hike of that area I am always willing! I have seen it mentioned in this thread before.
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    Pieces Of Hampton Park History

    I am extremely late with my question pertaining to this entire strip of area. I even ran the thought by Jerseyman during one of our discussions.. What do you guys think the odds are one of these mill locations was at some point in time the sawmill that Bodine also operated?
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    Nash's Cabin

    I have been to the book store in Rancocas as recommended by Jerseyman, especially since it is located down the road from where I reside. I was surprised to see the nice collection of New Jersey based books he had for sale. The owner was very inviting and enjoyed spending time discussing a little...
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    Mount Misery One-Room School

    Are those photos from the Ewan scrapbooks? If I remember correctly I have a copy of them on my Flickr account and he had them filed in the woodmansie section. Now I am just going by memory on this and could be wrong. Could have just simply been filed in that section.
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    Washington Tavern

    Almost as mysterious and intriguing as the 'hotel' remains in the same area
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    Martha & Harrisville

    I remember searching for the machine shop years ago along with wolfspider. I also have noticed that the foundation furthest north at harrisville along the lake has been labeled school on some maps and church on other maps.
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    Bill Farr on Goshen

    Was digging around a little more through files on my old drive and found this: Just another closer shot of the previous pic
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    Bill Farr on Goshen

    I know my record keeping is bad.. It is purely based on photos and memory. I need to start keeping a log of everything. If you do end up discussing this particular item with Lost Town Hunter please inform me of your findings. Thanks
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    Saturday Trip

    Yes I do remember it being an amazing day on the water as well as hiking. I have many more pictures of areas and scenery in the pines but have had trouble posting them here especially without the presence of the photo albums
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    Bill Farr on Goshen I posted the link to this picture in photographers phorum in a goshen post. I figure this may also be a good area to post this due to the nature of it. I found this years ago while searching the area of goshen (can not remember it's exact location) and wonder if anyone...
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    Saturday Trip For some reason I was having trouble posting pics straight from my iPhone but these are links from my Flickr. These were taken probably 8 years ago during a day kayaking trip at Goshen pond. If you look closely/zoom at...
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    Favorite/Coolest Place in the Pines

    Wow so many areas come to mind would be almost impossible to pick one as my favorite. I recently have really come to enjoy the area around the bridge on Martha road where it crosses bucks run. It's another quiet area in the middle of nowhere where you can hear the water running from a decent...
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    Pine Barren Distillery

    I am a fan of the corryvreckan bottling. I have actually had a bottle of the 10, uigeadail, and corryvreckan.
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    Sawmill Locations

    I was afraid you were going to say that
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    Sawmill Locations

    I know it's been a while since we discussed this sawmill but is there any clue to who could have owned it or the area around it?
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    Pine Barren Distillery

    Ok so this is going to be way off the normal subject.. I have been a huge enthusiast of all types of whiskey, especially bourbon. Every time I am in the pine barrens I imagine what bourbon distilled in the pine barrens would taste like with the fresh barren water, wooden barrel, and barrel...
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    Atsion Meadow Again

    Awesome stuff Guy! Glad to hear you took advantage of the amazing weather we had today
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    I've been working on the railroads

    Where is the last train bridge located?
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    Sawmill Locations

    Not asking for exact coords ( unless you don't mind :) but could you tell me the area this last saw mill is located?
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    Sunday Stone Searching Seriously Started

    Guy & Al, Have you guys been able to get out and visit the ws9 and broken T stones? If so is there any info found on the puzzle of property stones in that area?