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  1. mudboy dave

    Fix Our Parks

    Looks like I have some catching up to do. Hi all , long time no talk.
  2. mudboy dave

    Map on this website

    when you go to "Maps" at the top of this page, there is the "topo" option. As you zoom in it obviously becomes more clear, it also appears to change maps. at what scale is the most zoomed in? in example 1:24000? i would like to purchase some paper maps to that detail but am not quite sure what...
  3. mudboy dave

    Guess Who ?

    Actually Al, we have offered help numerous times. We have reached out to not only Rob, but also Olivia. No answer! I guess you need to be on the PPA to get an answer these days. It’s all good though, a lot of us are still leaving with multiple bags of garbage on a regular basis, without the...
  4. mudboy dave

    How do we stop the damage?

    I'll tell you right now...... I've been there and done won't do it anymore...... blocked trails are going to do more than create more damage.... A map to the extent that the PPA and NJCF are pushing for are going to cause more damage than what's there now...... I'll put my money where my mouth is.
  5. mudboy dave

    ORV Management In Sensitive Areas Of Wharton

    I missed both Guy and John last night? I was there ,just in case you didn't hear me last night. Lol
  6. mudboy dave

    ORV Management In Sensitive Areas Of Wharton

    Well guys , I'm trying. Nbc10 didn't really please me today leaving alot of my interview off the air , which I found to be the most important parts. I hope to work with yall in the near future.
  7. mudboy dave

    ORV Management In Sensitive Areas Of Wharton

    Hello all, no time no see, I have still been creeping and learning off of this site, but figured it is time to get back on. Yes, what broke jeep joe posted is what I messaged him. ... also any of you who know who I am also know that I am a VERY active motorized vehicle enthusiast. I've actually...
  8. mudboy dave

    not cool
  9. mudboy dave

    My dad made it!!! falcons in our work :)
  10. mudboy dave

    Long time no talk

    Well I figured it was time i got back on here. Was going through some ruff times for a while , but I now have custodial custody of all 3 of my boys and am engaged to married next year. So long story short my life is back on track and I'm looking forward to not only reading the stories and...
  11. mudboy dave

    Purgatory House trouble guess its true :(
  12. mudboy dave

    Purgatory House trouble

    I just saw on facebook a picture of smoke and this is what was said ..... Bye bye purgatory house I wish I could have explored you before you burnt down that sucks
  13. mudboy dave


    long time no talk. Unfortunately my firewall at work has been tightened up, blocking me from this forum. it sucks. I miss reading everyones adventures. I'm off today and signed on from home. Hope all is well. have fun guys/gals
  14. mudboy dave

    Poor Coyote Dental Health and Geese

    Is that, that Manamuskin fellow off of here?:mrgreen:
  15. mudboy dave

    Emillio Carranza / Blue Comet

    I never stopped going out and as of saturday night the trails are still pretty treacherous. I got stuck in 2 places that are usually nothing more than flat ground while dry. The ice that has splashed io the side of the trails is retaining water in. I was over the tires of my ford explorer a...
  16. mudboy dave


    7 kittens born yesterday. Will be available in around 8 weeks, no sooner.
  17. mudboy dave

    Christie: "Say no to us"

    They don't bother me at all. I'm just staing this because of how hard another member got attacked thats all. Plus if you want to get all technical on me, it's "politics of the PINES":rolleyes:
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    X2 quote of the year right there.
  19. mudboy dave

    Good News For Snakers!

    I think the one she was talking about was proposed to go up off of Stage Road in Tuckerton.