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  1. BambamNJ

    Ghost Stories of the Pines

    Has anyone else heard the story of Caranza Memorial? What I heard was that some Mexican pilot was trying to prove himself, inspired by the flight of Charles Lindbergh. He made the trip from Mexico to New York City but then was grounded due to rain for three days. On the third day he received...
  2. BambamNJ

    Coyote puppies

    Very cool! Sounds like the opening bars of Deep Purple's "Hush"! We have yotes that show up from time to time in our yard. Our property butts up to Bass River State Forest. They usually just pass thru and keep on going. As far as Im concerned, we are on their land. Neighbors have heard...
  3. BambamNJ

    Forest Fire at range on Ft. Dix (merged)

    Is that what I smell this morning? I thought I smelled smoke on my morning walk.
  4. BambamNJ

    Bald Eagle sighting

    Sadly most of the Lenape areas are now developed. My great grandmother was Lenape which makes me a TRUE local. :) The Rancocas reservation I believe is now all developments as are the old orchards. Most of the Lenapes were moved to reservations in OK. There are few descendants in the...
  5. BambamNJ

    Bald Eagle sighting

    Stafford Forge.... absolutely incredible! Wish I had my camera! The last bald eagle I saw in the wild was in Alaska! All the more reason to preserve the pines in So Ocean Co.
  6. BambamNJ

    Bass river construction....

    What I've heard... and this sounds a bit crazy... is that they are dredging up the area to restore the marshlands there. Supposedly that area had been used for fill when they were building the parkway. There is another area further up north where marshlands are being disturbed and I was told...