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    Zeb's Bridge

    Today, Zeb's Bridge is located where it crosses the Davenport Branch on RT 530, Pinewald Keswick Rd,. I have no history on it, though.
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    Gene Autry

    If I’m correct, that man in the plaid shirt is Pat Buttram, Gene Autry’s sidekick. He was character actor and comic. Gene Autry had his own TV show back in the early 1950’s that ran for about 5 years. I was between 5 and 10 years old at the time.
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    Gene Autry

    . Bob. Here's a 1950 tune by Gene that will keep hoppin'. For extra credit, who is the cowboy in the plaid shirt right at the start of the video.
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    Post Your Old Car Finds Here

    "Car 54, Where are you." I found this car in Noember 2013 in Greenwood Forest WMA, just south of Cooks Rd, before it crosses the Oswego River. Since then, it has been renoved.
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    NJ Pinelands Commission Monthly Management Report

    On this thread, I will be posting the Monthly Management Report issued by the NJ Pinelands Commission. One may find items of interest within this Report. The first Report is for February 2024.
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    More smoke in the pines

    I stopped in at Lucille's twice in the past three weeks. Either breakfast or a bowl of chilli with a buttered roll for a good cheap lunch. I like the ambience.
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    Stone Searching Fall/Winter 2023-2024

    Maybe used for animal control.
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    Resistance Grows to the New Plan to Close 200 Miles of Roads in Wharton State Forest

    Plus you will be wearing rubber knee-high boots, or hip boots. Not $250 hiking shoes where you want to stay on roads not to get them dirty.
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    DEP Announces Virtual Public Meeting to Launch Wharton State Forest Visitor and Vehicle Use Survey

    I was in retirement when I started roaming the Pines back in 2008; only during the weekdays at least once a week between 9AM and 3PM. Even up today, I never saw an illegal off-road vehicle of any kind, except once when I stayed until 4PM. (The fishing was good at day in an old cranberry bog.)...
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    Where is this?

    Well; it's not this Ron. I don't recognize the area.
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    Mystery Mounds

    A thought on Mounds.
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    Mystery Mounds

    . Bob, your getting too geologicalific for me. But, I did find this. 'The origin of the mounds in all cases appears to be erosional and/or depositional. Those on level terrain are formed simply by deposition of “A” soil horizon material in clumps of bushes which, under desert conditions, grow...
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    Mystery Mounds

    They are called prairie mounds, pimple mounds, or mina mounds. Thet are low naturally occurring hillocks, randomly distributed over level terrain. You will find more detail on these mounds on the link below.
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    Where is this?

    Slight change to its location. The speedway was in the southeast corner what is now the Manahawkin Commons, near the Walmart. The locals called it the Manahawkin Speedway. It was a 1/2 mile dirt oval built in a gravel pit. It opened on 4/23/1950, but closed shortly in 1951.
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    Where is this?

    Actually, it was easy. Just googled Lakeside Speedway NJ. Got a hit on Mapcarta site
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    Where is this?

    Bob. That should be in the parking lot of Walmart off of Route 72 in Stafford Twp. BJ Warehouse is across the street.
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    Carranza Road Property For Sale

    Most other Real Estate Companies have the same property description. It's not gold to be found there, it's WATER! And suppose to have a nice size pond.
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    Five Points Hunting & Fishing Club

    My take; the hunting club may have been on Oniontown Rd in Medford, just off of Tuckerton Rd up from the intersection with Stokes. At one time, a fifth road came into that intersection (Indian Mills Rd), but was cut off short and curved to the left onto Stokes, just south of the intesection.
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    Where is this?

    I saw something like that just reently along the RR and the parallel road in from Quaker Bridge Road heading toward Hampton.