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    Humming Trumpets

    Absolutely fantastic shots.
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    Flower ID

    It is very possible that they do. The Milkweed plant is a very important plant to the Monarch Butterfly. It is their sole food source. Once the eggs hatch the caterpillars eat their egg cases and then start to feed on milkweed. It would make sense for the eggs to be laid right on the milkweed...
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    Flower ID

    Looks like Common Milkweed Asclepias syriaca.
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    On the go today!

    I could be wrong but I believe that the "bee tree" is a Catalpa. Probably Catalpa speciosa.
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    A Great Day In The Pines

    Hey everyone! Remember me? Well I was checking out the site and I stumbled across this post. It was kind of what I was looking for. Guy, you said that the beetle you photographed was a Tiger Beetle. I have been studying this little guy myself. I came across a whole bunch of them on a hike I took...
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    Discovery survival shows

    staged or not I learn something new everytime that I watch their shows. I like them both. they are completely different and cannot be compared to one another.
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    A PBX Hike, The Warren Grove Wildfire 6 Months Later

    sounds like you guys had a great trip! Im sorry I missed it. when you gotta work you gotta work. I hope I can make it on the next one. I may even call out to do so ::big cheese eating grin::
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    haunted graveyards

    Since I haven't said anything about this topic yet Ill throw in my two cents. I believe in ghosts yet I do not believe that they would hang out in cemeteries. Ghosts most likely are located in places where a tragic death has occurred, hence the reason for the ghost to hang around. The whole...
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    Beta Test the New

    excellent thanks!
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    Pine Barren T-Shirts

    ^ if you can figure out how to get it on a shirt you can be the first to get one... the text right now only says NEW JERSEY PINE BARRENS but Im thinking of putting something like: Like no other place on Earth in smaller text below it.
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    Pine Barren T-Shirts

    ...ok so like I said Ive been working on a design... problem is it is a drawing... a pencil drawing...I figured there would be too much copyright infringement if I did it digitally, that and Im not too computer saavy. I am an artist so the drawing isnt too bad, but the first problem comes to...
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    Beta Test the New

    I miss the return links at the bottom of the page... now I have to scroll back up.
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    Martha Road

    ^ I think if they did that more people would complain...
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    In need of advice

    Ive been thinking about going back to school... Right now I'm working at PATCO High Speed line, which is basically a dead end job despite good pay and benefits. Ive been looking into going to The University of Maine to study Forest Ecosystem Science and Conservation. It seems like something I...
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    Bass River Bigfoot

    i was joking ::smirks::
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    Bass River Bigfoot

    ^ isnt that vanilla ice?
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    john mcphees, the pine barrens

    ^ I think that is because its not just facts... it is a fun and interesting story too. You need those strong interesting characters involved in order to make books more that just pages and pages of facts.
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    Pine Barren T-Shirts

    we should make some! I had thought about getting a screenprinting kit and giving it a go. loots a little low though since I got the new camera. Ill try to work on a design.
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    William McCarty Letter Scanned

    Im going to give it a shot... I took a class in college where we studied old German handwriting. I got a good portion of this letter. The parts I can only guess on will be in parenthesis. McCarty - (ville) Sept. 27, 18(3)8 Mr. George Sykes, Please...