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  1. h2ochild

    Shut your clam.

    That's not the first instance of that either. Several have been apprehended taking them out of waters near Millville years back, and selling them in Philadelphia. These are not the hard clams or littlenecks. I beleive they are the Asian clam, an established invasive species in fresh water...
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    Warm, warmer, hot.

    If you use another browser, the firewall counter will start again. You can read 10 more articles before it doesn't allow. This works for NYT as well. Also if you have a Firefox browser, you can put it in private mode, log onto this site and read away.
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    New PPA brochure

    I'm on that Facebook page also. I'm asking some pointed questions so that perhaps, the uninformed may not get a stilted view as is being presented there. Edit: Moderator of that page has turned off further comments.
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    Plants And Snakes
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    What is this?

    They are planning adaptive signal systems on that route..Perhaps this is a prelude to that?
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    I heat with wood pellets and I too have burned more than last year. I work outdoors, and though it was very cold at times, the biggest difference I believe I noticed, was it was very windy. That wind chill offset the temperature and may have made it feel colder than it really was.
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    The flight of a monk

    If a one "L" lama is a leader in Tibet, and a 2 "L" lama is a Andes pack animal, what is a 3"L" lama? A bad fire in Boston.....
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    Pine Barren History Shorts

    A lot:
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    Eating Squirrel

    I've eaten them here and in Iowa." Limb chicken" they call 'em out there. I prepared them for cooking on the grill. I treated the process like it was spareribs with barbecue sauce. The meat is all dark and can be a bit stringy. But quite tasty. When preparing them for cooking I cut them all up...
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    4-Mile Mushrooms

    No requirement to be Croatian to quote a proverb, I don't think...LOL
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    4-Mile Mushrooms

    "All mushrooms are edible, but some only once"-Croatian proverb
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    Saturday morning July 23

    My granddaughter and I look forward to our annual walking the Ridge Road every year when it is in bloom. The swallowtails feeding on the nectar make that an experience we enjoy.
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    New law: no smoking in public parks, forests?

    Have to amend the law to read tobacco smoking, after he legalizes marijuana.
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    It was. The "original":
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    Squirrel eating pizza

    I think it should have included "Recipes"
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    Squirrel eating pizza

    My family knows of my ongoing war with the bushy tailed rodents at the feeders. So much so that, birthdays,Christmas, Father's day gifts all include squirrel related stuff,T shirts, solar squirrels etc.... Last year I received a copy of Outwitting Squirrels by Bill Adler JR...
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    Dead clothes dryer

    We kids spent hours pouring over the Christmas Wish Book back in the 60's and 70's. Finally circling the the things we wanted. I wish we had saved one.
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    Oyster Creek nuke plant closing early

    I was thinking more in terms of biota, like less "snot grass" you aforementioned.
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    Oyster Creek nuke plant closing early

    I really hope some documentation of the impact of the return to normal is done. Consider that 662 million gallons per day is used to cool, and 748 million more used to dilute that heated water ...approximately 2.5% of the bays volume... This would help provide data for the uncertain (and...