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  1. marshstomper

    ace camp

    I was just browsing through the photos section, and I saw some pictures of ace camp....anybody have any good directions? cause those pictures arent that old. ca anyone help me out? i wanna start spring off right before the chiggers and poison ivy start...hahah
  2. marshstomper

    Tuckerton Fish Factory

    Last weekend, we went out to explore the abandon fish factory in tuckerton. we canoed through the ocean (worst idea ever. haha), because the fish factory's on an island. we took a million pics, but there wasnt anything really out of the ordinary there. no record papers left behind, no...
  3. marshstomper

    Boy's Orphanage/Naegeli Rd.

    My boyfriend and I recently started a weekend tradition of bizarre roadtrips on Sundays. We found this awesome abandon orphanage off of Indian Cabin road. It's on naegeli road, and it looks like its been torched. it's not very big, but it IS pretty spooky. There's graffitti all over and scorched...