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    Gene Autry

    I respectfully disagree. Arnold Ziffel was clearly the best actor on the show.
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    Wharton State Forest 1966 Visitor Map nearly identical to 2024 draft Visitor Map

    I have an alternative idea. Perhaps tax-exempt organizations that utilize the Pine Barrens for business purposes and revenue generating activities should be required to make payments in lieu of taxes. These payments could be used to fund increased enforcement efforts. Personally, I find...
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    Xfinity Cable Service Increase

    Whether it's a good or bad thing depends on your individual circumstances..Person#1 may live close to a cell tower and not have many neighbors so the 5 g signal they get is strong and doesn't buffer. Person #2 may not be near a cell tower and may share his signal with thousands of people who...
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    Xfinity Cable Service Increase

    Not sure who your cellphone carrier is but if you have 5g watch a video on your phone for five minutes when you’re not on Wi-Fi. Try to do it at night when the younger generation is streaming and gaming. That’s close to the same internet service you’ll get from your carrier if you dump Comcast...
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    DEP Announces Virtual Public Meeting to Launch Wharton State Forest Visitor and Vehicle Use Survey

    Jason, Not sure what you mean when you say....."as long as they didn't expand on what the Pineland's Commission adopted".... Could you clarify?
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    Forked River Mountain Hike

    I went to Forked River Mtn on November 15th, before the recent rains, driving a Jeep LJ that's raised four inches and has 33x12.5 m/s tires. Went in through the Jones and Bryant Rds. entrance and left via the Lacey Rd. exit. Even with the Jeep I wouldn't attempt the trip after the recent...
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    Forked River Mountains in 2022

    I have an elderly neighbor who desperately wants me to take him to Forked River Mountain. I have a 4wheel Jeep and the neighbor probably can't walk more than a mile round trip. Haven't been to the mountain in over a year and my recollection is that this trip may not be doable. I typically...
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    DEP Announces Virtual Public Meeting to Launch Wharton State Forest Visitor and Vehicle Use Survey

    I'm attaching selective portions of the 1979 Pinelands Protection Act that I thought some members may find interesting. The highlighting is mine and should not be construed as part of the Act. I have intentionally not provided my comments and questions but encourage other interested members to...
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    DEP Announces Virtual Public Meeting to Launch Wharton State Forest Visitor and Vehicle Use Survey

    I also suggest that everyone strongly consider getting involved in the stakeholder process. That being said, I have a question that I believe is important, and simultaneously frustrating, in that I can't find a relevant answer. My question, which I hope does not portray my lack of knowledge...
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    West Mill Road And Burn Area

    Teegate, if I’m reading that sign correctly can’t I pedal my bike right around the gate and keep on going? Do the beavers still have that area pretty well damed-up?
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    Is Harris Station and Pine Crest the same place?

    From The Trail of the Blue Comet (page 448}: "PINE CREST: established 1862 as HARRIS STATION; renamed September 30, 1923; station built 1894; freight house built 1884; razed by 1916; discontinued 1938"
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    New Garmin GPSMAP 66i

    Congratulations on your retirement and 66i. All I got was a Mickey Mouse watch. Anyway, I’m very close to pulling the trigger on a 66s for when I go mountain biking. The one concern I have is will I have a problem with sun glare. Whenever it’s convenient could you share your experience? Thanks
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    Help Identifying Flower

    Thanks Bob
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    Help Identifying Flower

    Can someone help my wife out and identify this flower which suddenly made our backyard its home?
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    Mobile data usage

    Mind if I ask what you’re using to hold the iPad to the dash?
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    UFO Detector

    Where is Sawdust Pile Rd.?
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    A-10 Warthog

    Had the same question a few years ago when I wanted to take my grandson. Ultimately found out the best source of information were the waitresses at Lucille's. They found out from customers or gave me contact info for people connected to the bombing range.
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    Snow Moon and snow days

    Jon, you keep setting the bar higher and higher.
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    Nearly 30,000 Macs reportedly infected with mysterious malware

    Ben, Do you go the next step and recommend antivirus on an iPhone?