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    You know you're from...

    Found this while surfing around, figured I'd share it... You know you're from South Jersey when..
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    Clicker bug

    Huh, and we almost had the name right! I figured someone around here would know what they were. Thanks all.
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    Clicker bug

    I remember my friends and I used to always find these bugs when we went camping that we called clicker bugs. One was on my deck yesterday and, once again, I wondered what kind of bug they really are. They are brown and look beetleish. There are two segments (I think) and the whole bug is sort...
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    Garmin map oddities

    Some map makers add streets that aren't there, town names, etc. in order to see if others are copying thier material.
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    William Newell

    Yeah, same guy. The person who told me about him was in the coast guard for years. Right now he's working on the coast guard boat that's on LBI along with some other things.
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    LBI drinking water

    That'd really be a shame. Oddly enough, I was doing some work for someone in Beach Haven (and consequently drinking lots of water) and we were talking about how much better LBI's water is than Manahawkin's. He seemed to think that the wells on the island were deeper than those on the mainland...
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    Trojan Horse

    That's something you have to look out for too. Some of these things hide themselves from the virus scan (I'd tell you how, but that's a bit beyond my knowledge at present) and reinstall themselves if they get deleted That's why I say go to someone's page (AVG, Symantec, etc.) and find the...
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    Trojan Horse

    This things have a way of burying themselves in your system. If you do a google search for the name of the trojan horse or virus you can often find a page that has specifics on how to manually remove them. A lot of times this involves deleting things that it has placed in your registry. Make...
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    Palace Amusements Building Demolished (5/26/04)

    Did I miss something in the news? I didn't realize that it was an executive order that resulted in the final demolition of the pier. Damn those republicans!!! :lol:
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    Graveyard in Manahawkin

    If the cost of the MRI I had a few months ago is any indication, it won't be cheap! Of course you probably wounldn't need to cover malpractice insurance. :rolleyes:
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    William Newell

    Yeah, the kid did a good job! Actually I couldn't find a lot about him when I searched. I was told that someone named Applegate had written a book about him, but I haven't come across it yet.
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    A LOT of Photos!

    Found this site that has a lot of great photos. Once again, just thought you all might be interested. Rob
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    William Newell

    I never knew about William Newell until I had a very interesting conversation about him with someone this evening. His major achievement is talked about in that link, but from what I could gather, he was a pretty remarkable guy. I figured he sized up as a legend so I put him here...guess the...
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    Graveyard in Manahawkin

    Yeah, that's it. Thanks.
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    Graveyard in Manahawkin

    I probably should have mentioned it when I saw it, but there was an article on the front section of the Asbury Park press a few days ago about the Cemetary. They had a guy there doing some kind of radar scan of the ground to find unmarked burial sites. He found a mass grave from a shipwreck and...
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    Carranza Memorial in wraps

    I sent an email to the dep and got this reply.
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    The Squonk, Mr. Leed's unhappy cousin?

    I rediscovered this bit of Pennsylvanian folklore about theSquonk. Ok, it's not from the pines (as far as I know, any sightings?) but it's good folklore. I'd love to read the book by Cox if I could find it. Oddly enough, I have both the recordings mentioned, and have even seen Squonk Opera play...
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    Hi folks

    I never heard about the shoeboxes, everyone always said it was because the tourists wore shoes on the beach. Of course all I ever saw of the trains on LBI is the restaraunt in Surf City. "Bennie" came from the fact that the tourists are beneficial to the economy, or so I've heard. While we're on...
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    Cougar in the Pines?

    I've heard a lot about coyotes extending their range. I know, cats and dogs is like apples and oranges, just mentioning it. Could be some feral Maine coon cats too. Those suckers get BIG!
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    Hi folks

    I've been lurking around here for a few days and figured I'd go ahead and register. There is some great stuff on this site! I grew up in north jersey, but spent all my summers near LBI (hence the name :mrgreen: ) and now I'm back. I have always been interested in the pine barrens, reading "Iron...