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  1. tom m

    Abandoned Houses and Ghost Towns in the Pines, January 1904

    Weird that I just clicked on this forum, I just got done watching Rose Red by Stephen King !!!
  2. tom m

    Bigfoot sighting (it's true_)

    Oh Yea !!! Bigfoot the trapeze expert LOL!!!:rofl:
  3. tom m

    Bigfoot sighting (it's true_)

    Oh Come on Piker you still using that pic of me Going to 10-100 natures call?????
  4. tom m

    Campers at Columbus?

    I've been off line for a few weeks due to pc problems and I just saw this Camp Columbus thread! where was that llocated ?
  5. tom m

    Sweetwater Casino Tiki Bar Open

    I would try to make that one ,just to put faces to some of you! I'm glad they are going to still use the property for that purpose. Everyone Enjoy and especially the fourth!!!!!:guinness:
  6. tom m


    That's surprising, Guess i'll have to try it again, but they have made that claim since the 70's, maybe it really has come back. I like how they say the return of cooper lake , it's a river lol.
  7. tom m

    Franklin Parker Preserve ?

    A buddy from work hunts an area outside chatsworth and he pays $ 145 per year and he says that's for the liability Ins. Problem with this system is that some one hunts butted right up against his area and comes into his plot and taint nuttin you can really do about it report them and they are...
  8. tom m

    Oswego Lake to Sim Place ... 2009

    What do ya mean Tom M and I ????? :argh: If I remember correctly you said and I quote " Tom I think we better turn around now it looks like a dead end and I'm a little scared of the canoe seats now " End Quote !!! I have the new seat done for the back and I put the old one back in front since...
  9. tom m

    Oswego Lake to Sim Place ... 2009

    AHHHHH ! those pics brought memories of Piker and I doing the trip, but I didn't see any broken canoe seats in your Boats ??? LOL! Beautiful pics We caught most of our fish below and right above that old dam .
  10. tom m


    TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN, The Photographs of the Dragonfly were superb to say the least , Just wanted to share my View Thanks , Tom M
  11. tom m

    Flying Squirrel

    I saw one years ago Back in the chatsworth area but didn't realize what it was until I talked with a buddy at work . I thought it was a very chunky squirrel
  12. tom m

    This country is doomed!

    Just like the conservancy, " return everything to nature!!!!!! have they ridden thru the pines to see the condition? Any dirt road I go down I pick up a bag of beer cans; careful though we're not supposed to be on that property! Just let the guy Be For Cryin out loud.
  13. tom m

    Windmill at Atsion--Why?

    Is it situated right there that close , i was wondering about that .I'll have to walk up thet old rail line and and cut in as long as i can get past the flooded part .
  14. tom m

    Windmill at Atsion--Why?

    I'm Actually interested in the grave yard that is slightly south of Atsion lake !!!!! I wonder if there are still remnants left of it.
  15. tom m

    Chatsworth Lake and the Bog of Dead Turtles

    I support the raptor theory about the turtles, I've Seen Bald eagles there and Osprey, although i;'m not sure an Osprey would swoop on a turtle. I'd love to see some otters on the lake , the last ones I saw were on a lake in Indian mills we knew as Zimmies
  16. tom m

    Upper Oswego

    I know we made as far as an old bog of sorts , there was remnants of an old spill way and a retaining wall made of wood , we got past that but didn't think we could make it any further so we fished there for an hour or two then fished on the way back. Getting thru the obstacles was a lot more...
  17. tom m

    Upper Oswego

    We stopped about 100 yards past what seemed to be an old dam with part of the retaining wall still intact we were able to pull the canoe thru but it seemed to end , but now we know we could have went further. I would not want to try that with the water as high as it looked to be recently coming...
  18. tom m

    Upper Oswego

    It was a beautiful day even though the Rain pummled us to smitherens . Your right about the Cedars there were some huge ones out there . Thank GOD for my Engineering expertise other wise Piker would still be out there for breaking my Boat!!! We will certainly do it again when it is warmer and...
  19. tom m

    Hampton Furnace trashed

    OMG!!!!! My simple little opinion brought that on?????? Sorry everybody that had to endured that because of me LOL!!!!! I'll shaddup now
  20. tom m


    I would have to question cooper river park, It is also said that it has a very good Large Mouth Bass fishery ,only thing I have ever heard of being caught out of there and the only thing i've ever caught is big Carp and Cats. are Musky's tolerant of Dirty water ? Because Cooper river is , Not to...