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    The "Nanny State" continues it's rampage on it's citizens

    First off you were complaing about China, and all of these magical jobs going overseas, and Walmart is some evil empire, corporate America is bad. This is the same rhetoric i hear everyday, and its nonsense. First off with Bethlehem, they lost out to competition, and not just imports. Why run an...
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    Jane Wyatt, NJ Actress, R.I.P.

    OOxj54 made absolute sense, i guess people here care about Jane Wyatt so much they have donated 60% of their income to the elderly, if you havent, you dont give a shit. So get off OOxj54 for speaking reality that noone gives a shit about it, like anyone would give a shit here if your 4th cousin...
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    The "Nanny State" continues it's rampage on it's citizens

    Hilarious, another dope smoker, your brain is retarded! Actually American manufacturing of products here is still as strong as it used to be. If you look into the manufacturing side there is a problem, but its an obvious problem. To stand in a line all day and spit, fart, or yell at a ball...
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    Mega-Stores coming to Medford Crossings

    i enjoy your ignorance of reality, why dont you spend some time about sprawl. Sprawl is simple and clear on the issues that cause it, one issue is turning roads into highways. Its clear, and proven in fact across this nation about expansion of roads with increase in sprawl building. If route 70...
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    The "Nanny State" continues it's rampage on it's citizens

    lol rants are funny, why people love cameras to "make traffic faster", care all you wish, its all a dead issue, when the cops come to your house because they are doing some "know the people" cause, they will know all the drugs you have been subscribed in the past 30 years, know your work...
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    He's gotta be kidding!!!

    money is money, i dont get why his dealings are so bad when most people in NJ do the same thing. I just question why the money from AC doesnt pay for a 10+ mile buffer of natural lands around it to support marine life that has been destroyed in all of NJ. That money could buy up properties with...
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    mount misery may close

    tell the price, good investment to hold for 20 years, just pay the property tax, sounds like a 50 million dollar sale in 2020
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    Mega-Stores coming to Medford Crossings

    Welcome to corruption, and suburban sprawl, i dont get why this is an issue. People who understand sprawl, and corruption, obviously understand the creation, and damage from this (and i dont mean some plant growing in a ditch there). Seriously, who cares, a 350 store mall will be built on...
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    N.J. towns balk at deer removal

    Who cares about deer removal, what about dead dogs whose bones pop tires in the road, if you dont like it NYC has plenty of available housing
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    A yes vote for parks won't increase taxes

    who would vote for something that could be in the general budget, and i see no proof the funds would not be put in the general budget. Also who needs to spend money on parks, they cost money to maintain, the so called benefits are inflated, just abandon them to return to nature.
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    These people are Sick

    well China is brought up, but honestly its most of Southeast Asia, and "oriental asia", who eat weird stuff. Its weird to us, especially bugs being served as a main course in dinner. Lets think, they get alot of the rare type stuff from import, and other, so nations could stop this, and force...
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    Legislator questions out-of-Pinelands meeting

    i wish it was held in Donald Trumps bedroom! Like any of this is actually relevant with honesty about the Pines, and taking in other resources available in New Jersey. Its all about how much of the pines to take now, not about a plan for whats left in the State itself. Care as much as you wish...
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    Expressway through the pines??

    arguement won, its obvious you need to expand a county road, township road, or imaginary road to 4 or 6 lanes to deal with traffic. Noone wants traffic, but they allow uncontrolled building, and they seem to like it, and those people who move into there want a 20 lane highway from work to house...
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    Federal Judge re-instated building ban in Forests

    then stop being an "evil-dooer"
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    Pinelands panel gets grant to develop trail

    Another sign of politics, who needs to hire a consultant? Hundreds of people know the pines, and some of them can make rational choices about it for free as a service for the pines. Seriously, who need a rational forum when the money goes to a friend from who knows where to make the choice for...
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    You really don't want to see this...

    I am all for deportation, and i mean everyone from anywhere only if they are not legal. Living here on a farm, we have neighbor farmers from China, and know some Koreans, i mean legit off the boat farmers, and legal (but i do question how they get the start up money). They are here for the...
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    Tiny church struggles to survive

    Trying to not mention the acts of the Catholic church for over 1000 years, and to not mention recent history of different christian churches in the United States from obviously the past 300 years, but declining people involved with them is causing them alot of problems. I dont want to make this...
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    You really don't want to see this...

    who cares about the enviromental impact, i think the economic impact means alot more. I know people who actually lost jobs to illegal immigrants, and i dont mean just "mexicans". They are making $13 an hour plus, they dont work for min. wage or some political statement for $2 an hour. They work...
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    Piney Boy takes a holiday

    Strict interpretation can mean anything, the media just says what strict interpretation means by way of societal opinion. A history experience of Christianity, and understanding of the times would clear up things in a philosophical way.
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    PPA ORV Meeting Today

    Sorry if i implied as being against Saxton, i fully support him 100%. I was just saying i think he could score alot money then he does. Saxton is a big support in conserving land, i just think he could score more cash since the federal government hands out cash like it was used toilet paper. I...