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  1. YETI

    Some Pie for the Teens

    Hope the two of you along with the class has alot of fun. I know you will indeed. Damn, Sammy's 13. Holy crap time does fly by. Just curious, what was the date of this trip?
  2. YETI

    Looking for storytellers for Pines film

    They look great. Looking forword to seeing more videos.
  3. YETI

    snow day- atsion to batsto

    Great pics. Been meaning to get back to Batsto myself. It's been a while, actually too long.
  4. YETI

    A Bridge, A Trestle, Two Rails & Two Tales

    George great stories and pics. I had no idea that you had so many close mishaps with trains and your atv. Paul
  5. YETI

    Farewell to Olga's

    How about a Super Wawa? Whatever goes there you would have to catch the exit ramp before the Kohls or else you'll be forced too drive right by it. Paul
  6. YETI

    Am I alone?

    George, it is a privilege and honor to be on the same site as you. Might I add that I will let the "Powers to Be" of this site know of your vast knowledge of the Pines and how lucky and fortunate we are to have you on board. Thank you good Sir.
  7. YETI


    Me not know what you mean.
  8. YETI


    What a D~ck.
  9. YETI


    Thanks pal.
  10. YETI


    I recall that you did say both Atco & Pestletown were both located in the Township of Waterford, right? Go ahead you can say it. Paul
  11. YETI


    George I thought you said that Pestletown was in Waterford Works and Atco was in Waterford? HEH HEH HEH!!!!!!! Paul
  12. YETI

    Beer (again)

    Last month I went to the Maiden concert and the only beer that was brought for tailgating was Miller Lite. It was horrible. Of course I had to force about 6 or 7 down just to get a buzz. Thankfully there was Yuengling inside the venue. The best 12 dollar beer I ever drank. No offense to Miller...
  13. YETI

    haunted graveyards

    VERY, VERY FUNNY. I almost pissed myself. Paul
  14. YETI

    barren nights

    As always cool pics. Paul
  15. YETI

    Signs along Highways

    Guy, I never really noticed these signs either. Do they all look like the signs in these pictures? I will now be on the look out. Paul
  16. YETI

    McKenzie River trail 5-3-08

    Great pics. Water looks awesome. I like the photo of the moss covered rocks. Very cool. Paul.
  17. YETI

    Pics from sunday 5/4/08

    Thank's Guy. I am going to have to check that area out. Looks pretty cool. Paul
  18. YETI

    Pics from sunday 5/4/08

    Great pics. Where is that bridge at? Paul
  19. YETI

    Forked River Mountain Cleanup

    Guy, you are so on the money. I definetly saw alot more then I could have imagined. Long ride but worth it for the scenery. Keith, thanks for all the help. You were a huge help dude. I really appreciate it. Say thanks to your pop for me too. I was so relieved to start the truck, put my foot on...
  20. YETI

    Forked River Mountain Cleanup

    Hey everybody. Just wanted to let everyone know that I got the truck running right again. Apparently in order to get out of 4-low the truck needs to be in NEUTRAL. Imagine that. Some kind of new "trick" gear automatic transmissions have. I guess I should think about learning how to drive and...