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    Jersey Devil: Not Just Folklore?

    Hello! I have heard an interesting theory on the Jersey Devil that I would like to get your opinions on. At the turn of the century, there were a number of Jersey Devil sitings across the Pine Barrens. These sightings were made by persons of different occupation who had no relation to one...
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    Hi: Thanks! So there are remains! I looked at the map you posted, and I realize that I did not look east enough. Perhaps on my next trip down I'll search for it. Those roads beside the rail line are pretty rough though, especially on a 2 door honda civic... Now, Harrisville emptied more or less...
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    Hi: I was wondering if anything is left of Harris. I am speaking of the depot stop for Harrisville. I have heard that it is located on the train line between Carranza Road and Apple Pie Hill. When I followed the line, all I saw were some rusted pieces of metal. I did not see a trail going south...
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    Hello, Im new...

    Hi: Im new to the forum, howdy. My name's Chris, Im from Scranton PA, a ways off from the Pine Barrens. But I do travel alot, and have visited south jersey on a number of occassions, and have seen alot of the more popular sites in the Wharton State tract. Hope it'll be fun. peace/. chris.