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  1. BEHR655

    The Woods Of Atsion Meadow; a PBX Hike.

    Glad you all had fun. Bob is part monkey I'm sure. Wish I could have stayed on with the hike but I'm sure I would have regretted it. Hopefully next time.
  2. BEHR655

    The Woods of Minespung .... A PBX Hike

    Dang! I didn't know I was a legend! Lol It was great to be back with old friends and new. Hope to make more hikes. And look out, I may dust off a trip I started designing a few years ago.
  3. BEHR655

    I Wuz Here

    Hidden Lakes was going to be my guess too.
  4. BEHR655

    ATV/ORV Damage at Pump Station

    It seems you were there before the morons dug it up.
  5. BEHR655

    Oswego Way low

    The bogs do take the water. I was surprised you had a good trip a couple of weeks ago. I won't do that river after early June. Steve
  6. BEHR655

    Kayaking the Wading with a different agenda

    Nice find Guy. The Wading is a beautiful river but you need to get on early before the crowds to really enjoy it.
  7. BEHR655

    One mother of an ore pond and something else?

    The first set of ore mine photos looks strikingly like a spot we came across on "Tip Toe Through the Tulpahockin". We're you on that Jeff? I don't remember. Steve
  8. BEHR655

    Kayaked from Atsion to Pleasant Mills

    Both beautiful rivers but I think the Mullica is the best. You see everything a Pine Barrens river has to offer. Steve
  9. BEHR655

    Benzettes/Ridgeway/Society Line Stone

    Nice find Al & Guy. But if you think today was nice, you're nuts! Too friggin' hot!
  10. BEHR655

    Blue Fishing

    Nice Ed
  11. BEHR655

    Unusual picture request

    I suggest you get permission from the owner of the photos
  12. BEHR655

    Sweetwater Casino on Fire!

    Besides the restaurant and Gabe's Granny, is there any other reason to go to Sweetwater? LOL
  13. BEHR655

    Need some advice!!

    It looks like a Red-Tailed Hawk. There is a sanctuary in Medford, I don't remember the name, that will care for it. It is best that you don't try it on your own. Steve
  14. BEHR655

    Wrangel Brook and Randolph's saw mill

    Nice report Gabe. Just how far were you able to go? It looks beautiful there. I'll have to check it out some day. Steve
  15. BEHR655


    When it comes to Bourbon my favorite is actually not a Bourbon but sour mash. Jack Danial's is the ticket. If you like it smoother try Gentleman Jack by J.D. Very nice!
  16. BEHR655

    Out the door

    He does
  17. BEHR655

    The Upper Batsto

    Nice report Jeff and beautiful pictures. I had the good fortune to kayak the upper Batsto last week the section between Hampton Furnace and Quaker Bridge. A very nice section and much more wild than the lower section. Not as wild as where you were though. Steve
  18. BEHR655

    idiots at friendship

    Maybe LIP found a ride down here
  19. BEHR655

    So I'm in a documentary

    Way to go Jeff
  20. BEHR655

    Online Photos

    Try SmugMug. They have free storage as well as the ability to pay and upgrade if you want. I've been using the middle level upgrade for a couple of years now. Check out my link below. I just use there template but if you upgrade you can design your own page. Main...