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  1. Frolickin

    Tuckahoe Train Station Marker

    Thank you everyone. I appreciate the information.
  2. Frolickin

    Tuckahoe Train Station Marker

    I was at Tuckahoe Train Station and took a photograph of this marker. Does anyone know what it is? I am curious. Also, there was this nearby marker.
  3. Frolickin

    The Batona Trail Diary, the First Thirty Miles

    Guy, thank you kindly for this. It is very interesting. The Batona is something we all encounter. I find this information wonderful. Thanks for sharing.
  4. Frolickin

    Tyndall Island Hike, Large Scat

    I go out there to explore. It sounds like there is more for me to see. The benchmark caught me off guard too. I think I usually get off the dike earlier and just happened across it. The metal frame is in the same area.
  5. Frolickin

    Tyndall Island Hike, Large Scat

    The outhouse is right near the benchmark. It sits on the opposite side of the dike. This leads me to believe this area was more than just a road.
  6. Frolickin

    Tyndall Island Hike, Large Scat

    There is what appears to have been an outhouse on the "first" island. This is right where the dike begins. The causeway is behind this.
  7. Frolickin

    Tyndall Island Hike, Large Scat

    I love this area. It would seem an unlikely place for a bear, although anything is possible. To avoid the chest-high water, check the tides for Tindalls Wharf. The crossing where the road is washed out becomes far easier when the tide is out. I found a benchmark out there once...
  8. Frolickin

    Breaker One Nine

    I think I have a CB in the garage. Realistic was Radio Shack's brand, yes?
  9. Frolickin

    Snow ??

    In my previous classroom I used to have a Davis Instruments station. As far as I know the station is still there. We had it hooked up to our web site (circa 1995) with a dual modem. Back then I longed to own a home so I could install a similar system. I now own that home now, but since I...
  10. Frolickin


    The title of the thread included taste. I thought you were going to link to a site about dining. :) Greenwich has a program that I've wanted to taste but haven't as of yet.
  11. Frolickin

    New Jerseys Cranberries Thriving

    Thank you for the information. Beautiful photographs. Thanks for sharing.
  12. Frolickin

    New Jerseys Cranberries Thriving

    Nice article. I've wanted to witness cranberry picking. In the past I know some folks here have gone up and seen this. Does anyone know how to arrange this? I would enjoy photographing the process.
  13. Frolickin

    Longhouse Demonstration, Jamesburg

    I wish I could have gone to that today. Most years I have my students create longhouses as a project. Well, you can't do everything . . .
  14. Frolickin

    What was your first (Pine Barrens) car?

    My father had a Skylark, but I think it was an earlier model. That went away for a '74 Buick Newport. That thing was a boat!
  15. Frolickin

    To Find A Yellow Crested Orchid

    Guy, do you shoot with a tripod?
  16. Frolickin

    Independance Day

    I do recall your previous comment, Guy. Believe it or not, it has stuck with me. I am mindful of how I plate things. Just to show that I can break out of the mold, this was one of the dishes from dinner yesterday. Notice how the carrots nestle up against the beef. The onions and the...
  17. Frolickin

    Independance Day

    A little late, but Happy Independence Day!
  18. Frolickin

    bay days

    That would be a nice trip. I have considered doing that without the camping. It would be a big day of paddling. I've also thought of launching from the lighthouse. Dodging the boats might prove troublesome. I have always focused on Fowler Island. I would like to get there. if you ever...
  19. Frolickin

    bay days

    Nice write-up and excellent photographs. The west end is treacherous. I had my own plight there a few years ago.
  20. Frolickin

    Moore's Beach With Manumuskin

    I put in at the observation deck where Thompson's Road is barricaded. I paddle out both sides depending on which direction I want to go (usually south). I have thought of putting in at the lighthouse and paddling south. I've only gone north toward Matt's Landing from the lighthouse...