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    Wharton State Forest 1966 Visitor Map nearly identical to 2024 draft Visitor Map

    I may have missed it, since I was banned from the PPA backed FB group for asking....but what exactly is the plan for "closing" these existing roads? Plastic barriers? Cutting down 80' pines across them? Holes and mounds of dirt piled at the entry? Large gates? Furthermore do you have an example...
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    Wharton State Forest 1966 Visitor Map nearly identical to 2024 draft Visitor Map

    This exactly my experience with Jason. Once confronted with a truth he deems unbecoming of his agenda, he will block you (I was from the PPA backed Pine Barrens FB). Yes he called me a troll as well and then apologized right before he (or one of his likeness) turned off commenting and blocked...
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    DEP Announces Virtual Public Meeting to Launch Wharton State Forest Visitor and Vehicle Use Survey

    Jason, Reckon you are bored of spreading disinformation and using irrelevant metrics in an apples to oranges comparison on FB, so you're bringing it here. It must be beyond clear to you by now that this is plan is wildly unpopular with almost every group that frequents the pines outside of...
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    Whispering Pines

    I had a flying squirrel buzz over my shoulder at speed a few years back in Pemberton. I was surprised as I'd lived in the area my whole life and never saw one. If it didn't land on a tree close by where I was able to see it myself I'd have thought it to be a bat.
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    Where is this?

    Is it Brooksbrae?
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    Lamb Legs and the Menantico

    Treat seeing this here. I have known Rick and his brother for quite a long time. Good guys, glad to see this. Cheers.
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    Where is this?

    On your right heading north on Lauries Rd off 72.