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    A really big tree

    It looks like a lot of big, storm damaged limbs on the ground and in the crotch. Neglected silver maple for sure. Bark plates are too big for a red.
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    A really big tree

    Silver maple.
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    Does anyone know what this stone work is on the Gabreil Daveis tavern property?

    It looks like it was dislodged by an errant snowplow .
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    Bug ID help?

    I've eaten the pods right after they emerge and no longer than two inches. Saute them in butter and sprinkle them with smoked sea salt the same way you would with fiddlehead ferns. Here is a more flavorful recipe: Buffalo style milkweed pod recipe
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    Mullica River Mystery

    What kind of wood is it? The first pic looks like pressure-treated poplar.
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    Our Day In The Pines

    I've been using large blueberry chunks in the smoker for years. It imparts a sweet, almost perfumey smoke. Perfect for poultry.
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    Lamb Legs and the Menantico

    Karl Childers for the win!