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    Home for Sale (Hunterdon County-High Bridge)

    Bump-updated Zillow listing with pictures:,-74.864274,40.64994,-74.922896_rect/13_zm/?view=public
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    Home for Sale (Hunterdon County-High Bridge)

    Hey NJPB crew...we're looking to sell our house in Hunterdon County (High Bridge). It's not the pines, but it is an old railroad/steel town with a lot of history :D If you know anyone who's looking in the area, feel free to pass it along! HIGH BRIDGE HOME FOR SALE BY OWNER - $235,000 2...
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    A Bad Fourth of July at Batsto, 1827

    Before the cannon discharged, Pearson was heard to utter "I command thee to grasp my tankard of fermented ale and witnesseth this!"
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    Military vehicle ban on state lands-was it ever enacted?

    Hey all-it's been a while but I have a question that I know the can answer... Did the proposed rule on "military designed vehicles" go through? I ask because I have the opportunity to purchase one of these: It's a Dodge M37, basically a military version of the Power Wagon of the...
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    Motor vehicle inspection changes

    I'm already shopping for a diesel for my 1991 Toyota pickup ;)
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    Pine Barren Culture; Dead or Alive

    I was a bayman like my father was before Can't make a livin' as a bayman anymore There ain't much future for a man who works the sea But there ain't no island left for islanders like me Little different subject matter, but I think the message is the same. Much of the pines changed and...
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    Bulltown Road Civilization?

    If they're anti-society how is it that they are getting their garbage picked up? They're either paying property taxes or a garbage bill.
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    Earliest marked graves in NJ?

    Yes-this is the story the person in question is referring to-I wasn't going to call this person out directly because I don't know her nor am I able to corroborate the details, I was just trying to caution the person taking them as gospel that there seem to be some holes in the story. The story...
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    Earliest marked graves in NJ?

    Here's a question for Jerseyman and any other hardcore NJ history buffs. What would be the earliest known marked graves in NJ (ie: with some sort of headstone which survives today), where are they, and how back are we talking? According to my basic research, the Dutch began settling what is...
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    Pine Barren Distillery

    Once we move to a larger property I plan to set up a still and do some fermentation experimentation just for fun. IIRC NJ recently made it easier for small distilleries to open, so maybe someday we'll see a piney whiskey produced. In Scotland and Ireland they fire the stills with peat, maybe...
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    New Movie: The Revenant

    I'm a big fan and would love to visit his cabin someday. Aside from his superior skills as an outdoorsman/survivalist, the thing that really strikes me about him is the physical stamina it would take to construct a cabin completely with hand tools alone, felling trees, hacking limbs off...
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    Oil drilling in Plumstead/Jackson?

    Ran across this little interesting tidbit recently-it's amazing what you can find when Google a question...
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    New Movie: The Revenant

    Saw the movie-it was fantastic and worth it for the scenery alone. It also prompted me to do some research on the fur trading industry of that period (which features prominently in the story) which was extremely interesting.
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    Penbryn Lake

    You're right about the hydrochloric acid use in sand mining: Not sure how long it would hang around before decomposing into something more harmless though. It could also just be the lake...
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    Penbryn Lake

    That's no algae bloom :jd:
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    An expensive tow! (Not NJ)

    Tow company is clearly gouging, kid was trespassing and being reckless... As my dad always says, "Play stupid games, win stupid prizes."
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    Tres Dept to Toyota: "Where did ISIS get all of those trucks?" Pot, meet kettle...

    When I was in college and I had to leave my '91 Pickup in the driveway at my parents' house my dad had to put a sign on it that said "No Para La Venta" (Not for sale) in addition to a not for sale sign in English. He would get at least 3-4 people stopping by a week, mostly Hispanic guys before...
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    Tres Dept to Toyota: "Where did ISIS get all of those trucks?" Pot, meet kettle...

    Well fellow Yota enthusiasts, apparently we're all now being labeled terrorists... Apparently the U.S. Treasury Department is very concerned about how many Toyotas they see in ISIS propaganda videos so they are now demanding to know how they got ahold of them... Nevermind the fact that they are...
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    If the Pope were really serious about off highway recreation he'd be riding in a Toyota :D