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    Dumping in Pinelands / Crackdown needed

    I saw the pile on Mt Misery on friday. There are a bunch of addresses in the trash. A lot of kids pictures also.
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    Any Tips for Removing Pine Sap from a Vehicle's Finish?

    Rubbing alcohol works well. Ive used it many times. Put some on a soft rag/terry cloth towel and let it soak into the sap. Then wipe it clean.
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    Nothing is sacred anymore

    I have a 07 DRZ that has a kill switch with a detent in it. I would sometimes hit it by accident and shut the bike off in whooped out trail! Definately not fun when that happens! I took the switch apart and removed the detent so it wont stay off if accidentaly pushed in. I think we've all been...
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    Firefighters responded to two forest fires Sunday night.

    With all the rain we had?
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    Meteor strikes in the Pines?

    Never knew Ongs Hat was/is such a hotbed for this sort of activity. I can hit Ongs Hat with a rock from my driveway!
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    Stargazers Pit

    The pit that Im reffering to is at the corner of Sooy and Lost Lane Rd. Coming from 72 you would make a left onto Lost Lane, pit is on the left and is Haines property. That has always been known to me as Telescope pit. The sandy, flat pit across from it is state property
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    Stargazers Pit

    Stargazers pit or telescope pit is private property. Owned by Haines. There has been quite abit of vandalism there by partiers lately. They cut down trees and burned them in a camp fire. Left their trash and have camped there overnight w/o the landowners permission. They have also carved all...
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    Vehicle for traveling sand roads

    I drive my Chevy 2500 Express van all over in the pines. I have 31x10.50x15 tires on it with a LT type tread. It has a factory locking rear and have only gotten stuck once when my hitch got hung up. The posi makes a HUGE differance in traction! I try to avoid water unless I know for sure that...
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    Coal stoves

    He's still open.
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    First Snow

    Was sleeting in NE Philly on monday.
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    Cleaning up after events

    I went out yesterday after work and checked out the area. It looks like the club cleaned up the arrows. I found none. Sometimes, after the event, club members will take monday off from work and sweep the course to make sure nothing was forgotten. Again, thanks for the heads up.
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    Cleaning up after events

    I, along with the several others, swept through that section during our dualsport event (Meteor) and took down all the arrows. There was another event held by another club this past sunday that may have gone through the area and I will let them know that they missed a few arrows. Thanks for the...
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    They seemed to have died down considerably here in Pemberton, atleast at my house anyway. They were at their worst 2 saturdays ago. Now Ill find maybe one every other day. The dish soap and water mix kills them in less than a minute!
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    Stink bugs!

    Whoops, Thanks!
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    Stink bugs!

    Anybody else having a stink bug problem? They are all over the outside of my house, van, enclosed trailer. They have been getting inside also. Ive been using a dish soap/warm water solution that kills them pretty quick.
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    Feral Dogs

    How would pepper spray work against them? I ride my mtn. bike out in Brendan Byrne and in Batsto and have heard dogs barking deep in the woods. They dont sound like hunting dogs either.
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    Dumping trash by Mt Misery Rd.

    If I was sure that my township would take the couches, I might just go and pick it up myself. Ive been thinking about doing a cleanup around that area but just dont know what to do with all the tires that are dumped out there. I dont feel like paying $5 bucks a tire to dump someone elses crap at...
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    Dumping trash by Mt Misery Rd.

    Stopped by the local pd this morning on my way to work and reported it. The officer recognized the names right away and told me there was a warrant out for the individuals arrest already. I asked if my name would make it back to them and he said it could depending on how far I wanted to take...
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    Dumping trash by Mt Misery Rd.

    Was out today on my dualsport and came upon a pile of couches and a large white trash bag dumped near the end of the dirt part of what I believe to be Mt Misery Rd. Just before you cross Rt 70. As I passed the pile I noticed that I could see an envelope through the plastic trash bag. I turned...
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    Sunrise at 1/4 Mile Road

    Speaking of kayakers, canoers and hikers. In june, my fiance and I took a canoe trip down the Wading River, I guess thats what its called, I couldnt believe the amount of trash that was in the water and on the banks. Beer bottles, cans, shoes, potato chip bags, hoagie wrappers, styrofoam coolers...