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    Christmas along The Old Mine Road

    Great shots, Ben! The whole Old Mine Road "corridor" has a ton of interesting stuff to explore, some hidden, some not so. Take for instance your pic of the 3 Minute light, directly behind that sign starts the Karamac Trail which follows the old RR bed down below Old Mine Rd and eventually leads...
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    Sounds like you're talking about firebreaks? They do exactly what the name implies- provides a break in the fuel for a forest fire by disrupting underbrush and anything above soil level. They can be found all over the pines running near trails or roads, but can sometimes have a haphazard appearance.
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    Plan to keep NJ state parks open announced.

    New article posted to the Press of AC tonight:
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    Columbia Road

    Great pictures, Jeff! I live only a few miles from Columbia Rd south of the tracks. When I was little the schoolbus actually took us down a short dirt section where Columbia, Joseph, and Spruce meet- that house at the end where it meets the Expressway was one of the stops. Columbia continues on...
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    The Lure of the Land - A photographic journey through the pine barrens, New Jersey’s

    Great job Chase, excellent photos! Sorry I couldn't make it, I'll try to get in there before April.
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    Marlton Circle

    A Flickr friend of mine has been keeping track of the reconstruction of the Marlton Circle too: Its interesting to see how the Philly skyline is visible from the new overpass. His photostream has a lot of great historical...
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    Historic Aerials Update

    Apparently it was never the intent to have those lines... plus, there was a decent amount of backlash from users. An admin there says it was just a bug.
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    Historic Aerials Update

    lines The lines really annoyed me too, especially since they blended in to the point where it looked like they were part of the original photo- scarring the image. Note I'm talking in past-tense though, the reason being... the lines are gone! They have bolded and enhanced the watermark, however...
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    November Pine Barrens Happy Hour

    I realize it may not be easy for some, but a few gtg's ago we had it on Monday night at the Pic which turned out great, nice turnout, trivia + bogo too. Wed nights are all you can eat wings, though that also brings out the crowds. Personally, in terms of the 4th or 5th, either would probably be ok.
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    Confirmed tornado in Northwest Ocean County

    I've seen a few pictures posted on other sites, it shows some extensive roof damage to a two-story house, not far from the speedway (speedway lights are visible in the distance). Pictures had been posted here, however you must sign-up to view (ignore the fake tornado pic haha)...
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    The Jemima Cyclone

    Very interesting Boyd, I found this link after you posted it in the more recent thread I made regarding the Ocean Co tornado. Looking at the damage it does appear to (from what I can see) be straightline wind damage as a result of a microburst, which was reported widespread during the 6/24...
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    Pine Barrens Happy Hour

    Sounds like a good idea... heres another vote for a second gtg in Nov when Glo is around!
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    Confirmed tornado in Northwest Ocean County

    The NWS in Mount Holly confirmed an EF-1 tornado touchdown in the vicinity of Colliers Mill and 539 during yesterdays severe thunderstorms. Here in Atlantic County we didn't have any offical criteria severe weather, however we did see some intense lightning and strong wind gusts. Additionally...
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    jim ungehajer's illness

    I never met Jim either, but always found his trip reports interesting along with what seemed to be frequent trips to Atlantic County and the pines all the way from the Philly area. May he rest in peace, thoughts and prayers to his family.
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    "Wing and Water Festivities"

    Alright time for some pictures, a great time was had by all: A few more pictures can be seen here:
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    "Wing and Water Festivities"

    I'd just like to echo the sentiments in this thread too. It was great seeing everybody last night, those I had met before, and those who were new. I enjoyed some great conversation (sorry I couldn't get to the other end of table till late), wings (pogo night!), and who can forget the trivia as...
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    "Wing and Water Festivities"

    Looks like I'll probably be able to make it too. I was just by there earlier, its a big crowd tonight!
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    Falling waters

    Great photos of Ricketts Glen too... I was last up there in October shortly after the freak early snowfall. We only did one fork (the eastern one), but plan to go back soon. Hiking up there in the snow with foliage was a surreal experience. Heres my Flickr photo set from that trip...
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    Falling waters

    Great photos 46er! I especially like the shot of Buttermilk... about 10 years ago I was concerened that the new trail and access path would scar the site, but as your and many other pictures prove, there are angles in which the platform near the top is (nearly) invisible. The whole area...
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    Atlantic Brick Manufacturing Company

    Its sad to hear the old stacks were taken down, to give an idea of how old they were... the Weymouth Papermill had only been closed 5 years when those old stacks went up. Additonally, it was that kiln that provided the bricks to build many of the great old Atlantic City hotels around the turn of...