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  1. J

    Atsion Mansion Evening Tours Return!

    It would be nice to see more of these in future.
  2. J

    Hampton Gate Hotel

    I tended to think that the "Gate" referenced a dam gate but that is not based on anything other than my hunch.
  3. J

    Interesting Article

    It says that project was approved with a 8-4 vote with one abstention but that a unanimous vote is required to approve the project. Also says that his vote was the deciding vote but it doesn't sound like it was. Whatever the case, this is more bad, corrupt stuff from Christie admin. He is the...
  4. J

    anyone with info on old house near batsto ?

    The Christie admin stopped funding a lot of State owned housing, parks, recreational areas. They tore down bunch of buildings that were on State lands at Allaire State Park and they also stopped maintaiing the parks as well. The roads through the pines on State land....guess who got those funds?
  5. J

    Something odd between Aserdaten and Forked River Mountain

    It looks like gravel mining in the historic aerials.
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    Heart of the Pines on Ebay for $55

    Just a heads up for anyone looking for a great price on that book. I think it typically goes for a lot more. I already have a copy so don't need it.
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    Mount Misery One-Room School

    Wonderful photos. The kind that make me sigh.
  8. J

    Munyon Field

    A quick Google search brought me right back to an earlier post:
  9. J

    Munyon Field

    A most elusive spot for sure. I can't remember where I came to think so, but I believe there was a structure there although I never knew if it was a house or other. There is definitely evidence of former residential activity there. I remember coming across a very old woman's shoe (witch type)...
  10. J

    My First Rattle Snake

    They get huge too. I saw one that was like 5 feet long between Batsto and Washington
  11. J

    Not the Blue Hole Again ?

    At least the dopes can't really do anything to the Blue Hole to damage anything. Better there than Brooksbae
  12. J

    Fagan's Cave

    I'm pretty sure I know the property where the "cave" supposedly used to be. There's nothing to see though and I don't think anyone alive can point to any specific spot where it was.
  13. J

    "Swamp Brothers" TV Show People Caught Poaching Pine Snakes
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    Burrs Mill

    Yes, very interesting and def breathes some life into the locale. That map places the mill east of the main road that was used at that time. It may or not be the same road as it is laid today. An inquiring mind can have some fun comparing historic data.
  15. J

    Burrs Mill

    The former location of the mill is just south of Route 70. There's a newer house on the property with a cranberry bog or similar operation beyond the house. It's pretty much all private property and as adventurous as I am, you'd have to bypass a locked gate and that's where I draw the line. I...
  16. J

    Hampton upper forge?

    Its funny because I could swear that some reference books I've read had used the "in ruins" reference to document that the "main" hampton forge was no longer operating at date of referenced map.
  17. J

    Plant ID #2

    I knew you guys would know :)
  18. J

    Plant ID #2

    I looked up Sweet Pepper Bush and that looks like it. It smells really nice in my yard right now thanks to this plant.
  19. J

    Plant ID #2

    This tree/bush is flowering right now in woods surrounding my property. Smellsvery fragrant like lavendar. Anybody familar with it!
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    Christie Moves to Replace Two Members of NJ Pinelands Commission

    no way, Christie is backing up big oil and is willing to sell away our natural resources and heritage to do their bidding? i never saw it coming!