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    Old picture of Batsto Mansion and General Store

    Found this 1911 picture of the dam or at least what is said to be the Batsto dam a little bit ago. Once again, probably not unique but new to me.
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    Old picture of Batsto Mansion and General Store

    Batsto - An old view of the mansion and the general store/post office from around 1907. I posted this out on FB earlier today but figured I ought to put it here as well. It probably isn't unique or anything but what the heck :)
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    Clement Maps and Drafts

    I was talking with Spung-Man yesterday and he told me how very useful Clement's Maps and Drafts were to him. I pointed out to him that this set of resources was now available on the web and he said that someone should post a link to them. So, they're on my site, so I figured it was on me to do...
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    Three Wheeled Mill at Egg Harbor City

    Just ran in to this out at eBay. I've seen other images and I think I might even have a couple of them squirreled away in some folder on my hard drive, but I've never seen this one. It's a Kirsch post card though by H. Kirsch rather than Max. It dates from around 1910 I guess. As it says, it...
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    Taunton Mansion

    Thanks Oriental, that cleared things up. So I was looking for some other pictures of either place and this is the one that turned up. Looks like some really smart people discussing the place back in July of 2012 :) See you Saturday.
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    Taunton Mansion

    I thought that this building was Taunton Mansion. After talking to a couple of guys who grew up around there I think of the surviving building as the hotel :) BTW - a house pretty similar to this, it may be the portico that does it, may still, I think, be found in or around Atco. As usual, I...
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    Mary Ann Thompson

    I am very sad to hear this. She was a good steward of a rare and wonderful resource. May she rest in peace.
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    Definition of a Piney

    I agree, although I'd add folks from the British Isles as well. I don't know about nowadays, but when I was a kid, there was said to be, at least in Burlington, Camden and Ocean counties more or less, a distinctive "piney accent". This, I guess, was an old combination of manners of speaking of...
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    Abandoned racetracks.

    Thanks! It is a post card. But the image is downloaded from ebay and I don't have the reverse. Generally though, this period, there usually isn't additional information on the back when the caption/id is on the front.
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    Abandoned racetracks.

    I hope I'll be forgiven, but I couldn't resist posting this picture of a very large abandoned race track. True, it probably not the sort folks had in mind and the picture shows it chock full of spectators and noisy race cars hurtling over a wooden surface, but I thought some might like it...
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    Pine Grove Church

    Guy, It's pretty screwed up though. We think the guys from a nearby construction project have taken pity on it and done stuff like restaple the tyvek. Unfortunately it is open to the weather and has been all winter. It kind of looks like the owners might have run out of money. I guess this...
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    Thanks for posting !
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    Vintage Sawmill Image

    Great posts Jerseyman and Gibby. Thanks!
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    An annoyingly big 1872 nap of Atlantic County

    Boyd -thanks for the kind words. I'm glad you were able to get the thing to use it. Gui, thanks much for your nice words and your efforts to make the map more accessible. I just can't figure this out. Opera loads it almost instantly over broadband, someone out at FB said he was reading the...
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    An annoyingly big 1872 nap of Atlantic County

    Here, as promised a ridiculously long time ago, is a link to a digital copy of the Beers Comstock and Cline map of Atlantic County. The image is huge and can be anywhere from nonexistent to a bit balky in a lot of browsers. I strongly recommend downloading the Opera Browser form...
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    Bill Farr on Goshen

    Bill Farr on Goshen - GOSHEN (Goshen Mill, Inskeep’s Mill, Goshen Neck) In 1820, when Atsion was owned and operated by Jacob Downing (Iron in the Pines, page 35), a road was laid out from the "Atsion Road" near Richard Clines in Burlington County, northwest of Atsion, to the Batsto Road, a...
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    Lake and Beers Map of Philadelphia and Vicinity - 1869

    You're very welcome! More to come.
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    Seeking historical background on lower Mullica river life, mid-18th century

    Mark- Can't believe I forgot. The West Jersey part is on my site and can be searched, sort of, using the site search function on the home page. You might want to browse a little first. Anyway - It's (and the documents behind the abstracts) where they get a lot of that "so and so located a...
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    Lake and Beers Map of Philadelphia and Vicinity - 1869

    Bob We're working on getting as close to that as we can. Just going to take some time...
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    1859 Parry Sikes and Earl map of Burlington County

    The most common reason folks can't read/see one of these big maps is that the browser they are using is unwilling or unable to handle it. The usual suspects are mozilla based browsers like IE or Firefox. Apprantly Chrome is afflicted with this limitation as well. So their are two...