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    Garfield DeMarco

    I'm guessing that more then a few will say... this post needs a picture.
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    Illegal Dumpers in DE Caught

    Hopefully they'll be made to sit on the Group W bench.
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    State Park Service "First Day 2018" hikes

    One year someone brought their 16" wheeled, folding city bike out for a Forestry ride. Thats why you now read, *bring your own bike... one thats good for dirt, sandy trails*. No doubt that small wheeled folding bike is great on the boardwalk. Maybe not so much on the trail.
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    Hunter shot, injured in Maurice River Township
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    Closing West Mill Road

    A recent article in BusinessWeek describes a similar, but much worse, situation with access to Montana's Crazy Mountains.
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    Ghosts in the Pines?

    Same story, but different. One clear night, maybe in '78 or '79, a few of us were in our trucks climbing hills in the Frankfurt Ave gravel pit. When my truck was climbing one straight-up hill, my lights lit up a circular object, maybe several hundred feet above. Everybody in the pit saw it. But...