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  1. scubabruce

    Visit to Oak Island #2

    On Oct 17, 2012 I kayaked to Oak Island and toured the place as best I could. Hiking the island is no picnic becuse of the dense tangle of briers and other plants that reach waste high and higher in some places. On Oct 18, 2012 I hiked toward the island from the old roadway off Rt 9. As a...
  2. scubabruce

    Paddle to Oak Island (I think)

    The USGS maps indicate that it should be possible to paddle to, or close to Oak Island, from Bass River so today I gave it a shot. Point of departure - Bass River Collapsed bridge near the island On southern most part of island - what is it? The waterway twisted through the marsh and...
  3. scubabruce

    Kayaking upper Mullica and Batsto Rivers

    We just got back to NJ after spending 6 mos in SW FL and fould out that BHP is no longer running kayak trips on the Mullica and Batsto Rivers (or anywhere else). One problem they cite is the access roads still being washed out from the storms we had last year. Another issue for them is high...
  4. scubabruce

    Nice place to paddle and picnic

    Launched my kayak at the lower Batsto River beach Tuesday at high tide. Sand road going in is very narrow - saw glass from a lot of broken side mirrors on the way in. I paddled up the lower Batsto River about half way to the 542 bridge - the way was cleared up to that point but a tree across...
  5. scubabruce

    Kayaking at the Blue Hole

    I took a walk out to the Blue Hole today (which was actually black due to all the rain) and could have kicked myself for not bringing a camera. I met a couple on the opposite side of the Great Egg Harbor River near the Hole. Their plan was to swim to the middle of the Blue Hole with a life...
  6. scubabruce

    West Branch of the Wading River

    Has anyone kayaked the West Branch of the Wading River recently upstream from 563 to Chatsworth Lake, or downstream from Chatsworth Lake past the 563 bridge? I was wondering how passable the West Branch is especially with the restoration that's going on in the Franklin Parker preserve.
  7. scubabruce

    Kayaking Lake Oswego

    I've just started kayaking the pine barrens seriously with my 11.5 ft perception tribe. I recently found the stream that feeds Lake Oswego (not the stream past the dam). According to satellite photos, the feeder stream runs all the way close to route 539 near Warren Grove. It appears to split...