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  1. glowordz

    Blackened Barrens

    I recently saw a large area with varying degrees of burn damage along Sandy Ridge Road that extended almost all the way to Friendship Bogs. Is this the result of a normal ground burn-off? Glo
  2. glowordz


    In the front matter of some books is a page for acknowledgements. If I had included one in my new book, THE STORY SHELL, I would have titled it Gratitude. And it certainly would have taken more than a single page. To that peerless pair, Whip and Manumuskin; to fellow-hikers Ed, Teegate, and...
  3. glowordz

    Splendid Barrens

    On my recent visit to the Pines, four members of this Forum patiently answered my questions, provided reference material, and took me to visit lovely and unique places. I am grateful for their kindness. Here are a few of the scenes etched in my memory. Batsto River Mullica River...
  4. glowordz

    Emma Cramer redux

    On Saturday, Guy took me out to see the Cramer-Broome stones, and you've seen his report, but I thought you might like to get a closer look at "Monument Man" in action. Down in the Martha/Harrisville area, 'twas a wild and stormy day. which became even wilder. First, a monument...
  5. glowordz

    S'more 'Shrooms

    A few additions to the Forum collection. impaled gilded crater'd profiled askeered tripled The following were taken on the far perimeter of a Friendship bog. I KNEW where I was going and which bog it was but I'm not sure my GPS did. At one point it insisted that...
  6. glowordz

    NJ park ranger?

    Y'all: I have a (fictional) 18 year-old girl, resident of the Pines, loves it and knows it well, who is dreaming about a wildlife-related job. She's equally skilled with paddle, shotgun, or wrench. She's willing to get further education if necessary. My first thought was park ranger, but...
  7. glowordz

    Hampton Ramble

    Last week I visited a part of the Pines I'd never seen before. If it weren't for the helpful guidance of Ed and Guy, I might still be rambling . . . enchanted island gilded with ice sentinel sycamore I shot this in b/w because the austerity of grayscale seemed to fit the old...
  8. glowordz

    Cycle racing in the Pines

    Came across this in my research. I'll spare you the photos: The Pine Barrens 300 ride took place last weekend (October 11-12) [08] near Hammonton, New Jersey, with over 100+ participants of which about a third were on BMW bikes . . . This year the sand was deeper than ever at over 12 inches...
  9. glowordz


    Here's a question -- what's it like, walking a sand road in the fog (fairly heavy fog so the trees are barely visible). Time is evening, winter -- November to February. Location is somewhere between Tabernacle and Carranza Memorial. I need this description for my book . . . can't remember...