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    Fire in bass river

    Fire near dans bridge and munionfield. 460 acres 60 percent contained
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    illegal dumping page for NJDEP

    Saw this posted on another site. Thought I would share here. I am all for putting these people's faces information out there. I hope they get the maximum fines each case. Hopefully word spreads and people will stop destroying our lands especially the pines...
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    Bubba q in chatsworth.

    Hey all. Trying to get into contact with this guy to see about booking an event. He is out of chatsworth and used to cook at hedger house events. If anyone has any information that would be helpful.
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    Illegal dumping is out of control this year.

    I don't think I have seen it this bad in certain areas in a while. I drove around a good amount this weekend and was disgusted by all the trash in the woods this spring. 2 pickup caps each in a different place. Piles of household debris from remodels, tires, and everyones favorite a...
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    Stafford forge range

    Saw on another site that there is talk to make the range at Stafford forge bigger and for police use. They are talking about expanding it and building indoor range. This will supposedly encompass all the fields and also some woods. Thoughts?