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  1. J

    Pretty big hornet

    With Asian Giant Hornets in the news, this is about the last thing I needed to see buzzing around behind the curtains in my front window this morning. I'm guessing it might be a yellowjacket queen-- anyone care to make an ID? Note, I have it tied down to the card with a piece of white wire, so...
  2. J

    Deep Run access

    I was thinking of heading out to Deep Run and Hampton Forge to do some photography. What's a good way in? Hampton Road? Glossy Spung? I'm willing to walk a bit but not hours. I drive a Forester. Thanks.
  3. J


    Came home from the store today, and I found my trash can, deck, and grill all covered with thousands of mites. I am guessing that the warm weather woke them up. Silly mites! I suppose they won't be able to go back to where they were before when it gets cold again (next year maybe). They are even...