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    new CVS on Rt 206 (Tabernacle)

    I'm sure many of you passing through, or living in tabernacle know where i'm talking about. it's right across from the Tabernacle Inn. my question is, how is the world did they get permission to clear so many pine trees ? they literally "clear cut" that area.. i think it looks like crap. you...
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    camping at Bass River SF

    hello all, headed to bass river state forest for 2 nights of camping. haven't been there since I was 12. We stayed in the lean to's. this time, we'll be tent camping. i remember there being really good night time cat fishing there.. does that still apply ? I had a pickerel on my line as...
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    NJ Forest Fire service

    check out this link : it says we've had 325 forest fires already, in 2008 ? are they counting conrolled burns ? and already 400+ acres burned ? i know there is someone on this site that works for them. perhaps...
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    Batona Trail hike

    the title says it all.. I want to hike the entire thing ! (before it gets too buggy).. what's the best way to do this ? i'd prefer (b/c of life's inconveniences) to do it as several long single day outings. anyone interested ? i've never hiked a yard of it before. - Bob
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    A hike tomorrow in the pines

    hey all, I need a good outdoor leisure activity for the next few wks.. normally, I would ride my bike, kayak, fish (in this nice weather) but i am dealing w/ a chronic occupational usage injury from dentistry.. I have some serious inflammation in a set of tendons in my right wrist.. saw the...
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    so we all know (and probably love or hate) the show.. think we could get les stroud to do a show in the PB's ? i think that would be cool.. i'd rather him do it than "man vs wild".. what do you all think ? how could we ask les to do a show ?
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    Give me a list of "Must See's"

    Give me a list of "Must See's"... please.. hello all.. I don't know if i've said this, but the NJ Pine Barrens (their history, flora, fauna, etc) is one of the last mutual interests I have w/ my father. he's newer to it that I am, but he reads all the books.. could we compile a list on...
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    Dirty Jobs - Cranberry Farmer - TONIGHT

    I'm sure we all know the show.. so FYI, if you weren't aware, Mike will be working w/ a cranberry farmer on tonights episode. not sure if it's in NJ, but it would be cool if it were.. 9 pm on discovery channel (one of the last good channels.)..
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    Accident on 206 (this past wkend)

    did anyone see or hear of the accident on 206 (Right near Pic A Lili) on saturday ? a honda accord hit an 18 wheeler head on.. a 69 y/o woman in the honda died on the way to cooper, via chopper.. i believe she was the only person in the car. my friend was on the EMT squad on the scene. my...
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    pet rat up for adoption

    hey all, as much as it breaks my heart to do so, I must put my pet rat (Jerry) up for adoption, as I've developed pretty bad allergies to them. I've had pet rats since 2005 (while at school) and they're a blast.. very personable, intelligent, affectionate and playful. The last rat left is...