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  1. bobpbx

    Hard Drive

    Did you ever destroy one? This is my second. The first one I did by putting it in a bucket with 2 pounds of salt for six months outside. I think I remember pounding it with a sledge hammer at the end. They are super tough. Today I used a big crow bar and chisel to open it up, then when I got the...
  2. bobpbx


    I always wish I had a computer that was expendable and could not get me in trouble if I clicked on the bait button (Update Now). I'm always dying to see what they are trying to do to me.
  3. bobpbx

    Canoe, canoe?

    Well, I sold my Wilderness Systems kayak. I just cannot get used to a kayak. It may have a lot to do with my age; it is hard as hell to get up out of them when you land for any reason. And when I float our rivers and lakes, I get out of the ship a lot. Here is what I sold. It was very nice, but...
  4. bobpbx

    IRS Stimulus Money

    I just noticed a deposit in my bank account from the IRS. Anyone else?
  5. bobpbx

    Pinelands Management Plan Map

    Have not tried it yet, will now though.
  6. bobpbx

    Isolation 2020

    So, how are you all dealing with it? Do you find it easy? I'm fortunate that I'm retired and was mostly staying home to prep the house for sale. This sprucing up for sale is quite a task. Before the state order I was back and forth to Home Depot 3 to 4 times a week getting project things; paint...
  7. bobpbx

    Heart of the Pines Book

    I have one signed by John Pearce. Like new. Cleaning out my house. $50
  8. bobpbx

    Powerful Story

    We all heard the beginning of this story when it happened. This article is a powerful message to all of us to be careful in Delaware Bay. I'm especially concerned for Dottie and Scott, going out and digging clams (if in the bay). You as well Al. And Chris. And all my buddies that go down there...
  9. bobpbx

    Tip Shakedown

    I posted this on Facebook. Wonder if any of you have experienced this lately. On the outskirts of Medford at the Sunoco station heading east, on 70 and Hartford Road, I got gas last night. While there, the attendant washed my front window. When the tank was full, he took out my credit card from...
  10. bobpbx


    My next door neighbor has been in the pines all his life, and I completely trust him. He saw a bear cross Lacey Road heading west last week. Up by the junkyard.
  11. bobpbx

    USGS Color Topographic Maps of New Jersey (7.5 Minute)

    Boyd, when I'm looking at these maps, is there a way to tell the year of the map? I don't think it's in the info section unless I'm missing it.
  12. bobpbx

    Measuring Tool

    Boyd, have you thought of a measuring tool? That would be so handy.
  13. bobpbx

    My newest product

    Send me your credit card number, and I'll rush one out to you.
  14. bobpbx

    Slow loading

    Slow loading, and some of the maps don't fill in. I wonder whats up.
  15. bobpbx

    Nature Conservancy land transfer to FRM
  16. bobpbx

    Sacred River

    Have any of you heard of the Sacred River in the Pine Barrens? Of course it's a local name, or maybe even some touristy name.
  17. bobpbx

    Shut your clam.

    Stealing is bad enough, but from condemned waters?
  18. bobpbx

    Port Republic

    Are any of you familiar with this campground? I am curious. It is just south of the Mullica River Bridge next to the parkway. It looks like the dirt was maybe dug for construction use and the ponds are what they camp by. Seems odd.
  19. bobpbx


    Am starting to get these in the mail. As if we don't have enough plastic in the world. Will have to contact politicians to stop this. We will start to see these in the street, and they likely never, ever go away.
  20. bobpbx

    Six inches of fun.

    I reached down to grab this nice looking plant specimen. I pulled back just in time. Thank the Lord that I always pull from the very base. Two of the other stems had them on too.