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  1. turtle

    Venus Fly Traps in the NJ Pine Barrens

    We saw Venus fly trap in its native environment in Green Swamp, NC a few years back. The gent who planted non-native species in the PB was actually from Lower Bank although I imagine there have been many throughout the years.. I'm interested in seeing the changes in flora of NJ occur naturally...
  2. turtle

    Stone Searching... Fall, Winter, Spring 2018/2019

    It will be good to catch up and I'll be happy to help best I can.
  3. turtle

    Stone Searching... Fall, Winter, Spring 2018/2019

    Guy, are those gate posts back by the old home site or within site of the paved road (lovers lane)?
  4. turtle

    Pine Barren History Shorts

    The way Guy.....wonderful writing .
  5. turtle

    Pine Barren History Shorts

    Ed C....didn't you and I converse a number of years ago when we saw a Knox painting for sale online?
  6. turtle

    Harrisville Lake Parking Area

    Fire vehicles draft water from the lake in emergencies....
  7. turtle

    Lines on the Pines

    Ummmm, .... I'm not sure we can live up to the "legend".....
  8. turtle

    Most Remote Area in the Pines

    Again.....stating "guy"....:p
  9. turtle

    Fire in the Pines

    One of the post fire reports indicate that the core of chestnut when exposed to fire is rotted....perhaps that was early, undetected blight?
  10. turtle

    Fire in the Pines

    How about those careless school children picking wildflowers ? Wouldn't find that as a cause in today's world. However, we do still have our fair share of tramps, so that's plausible. :)
  11. turtle

    Where is this?

    Wading Pines campground
  12. turtle

    Where is this?

    I'll start with wading river.... :)
  13. turtle

    Oil drilling in Plumstead/Jackson?

    I know of Horse Heaven in our area. One of the older folks in town who owned horses throughout her life told me where residents would bury their horses 1800s - 1950s. It's all grown over with pine and catbriar now. One would never know it exists.
  14. turtle

    Merry Christmas

    A warm Christmas greeting to everyone. Wishing you all a year of exciting adventures and "monumental" discoveries. :)
  15. turtle

    Waterford Township Cleanup Day 10-14-17 08:00

    I know that the Park Police investigation provided enough material to move forward with charges, fines, etc. and it is my understanding that it did occur. For some reason I recall it took some time to settle. Every once in awhile we hear back on an outcome and it's satisfying, but that's not...
  16. turtle

    Waterford Township Cleanup Day 10-14-17 08:00

    OK Scott, Here is the info. Please note that anyone is welcome to attend. It's a pine barrens clean-up, so there are many areas that may need attention, WMAs included. Just remember, when the dumpsters are full you're done working. Then enjoy the hospitality of the folks at Pic and the...
  17. turtle

    Waterford Township Cleanup Day 10-14-17 08:00

    Pinesbucks, could possibly have a group tackle them if we knew where they were. Please share via PM if you prefer, and I will note it for the organizers... thanks!
  18. turtle

    Waterford Township Cleanup Day 10-14-17 08:00

    "We did the Jeep/4x4 Cleanup, formerly sanctioned by Wharton, for many years with members of this site and we really miss that event." Scott, there will be a Pine Barrens clean-up next sunday....10/29....dumpsters in 3 locations, from Wharton to BTB. Pick a place in the pines, SPS or WMA...
  19. turtle

    Janwar's passing

    The public will never grasp the great service that Janet provided to the historic component of Batsto Village and Wharton State Forest. She possessed a wealth of knowledge that connected the Hammonton community in particular, to Batsto's historic past. Humbly and without limelight she provided...