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    Have you seen this road? Can you help me find this?

    you are correct. the road was always there. they just double widened it for truck traffic. very early 80-s. we called it the super hi-way.
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    Statewide Fall Bow Opener

    the deer even in the pines prefer the lawns and sprawl. for instance i see more deer in the pockets and housing off pasadena road than in the deep woods. 150 feet allows a hunter to get to them. when you buy property butted against a state park or wildlife management area you gotta expect others...
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    Camp Columbus near Bamber Lake

    dont know if anyone has seen this so pardon if this is old news. nice read anyway.
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    i stumbled upon some readings that suggest hurricanes dumped these fuel for fire weeds from states down south. ive seen them in maine in small islands. i have to imagine theyve been around a while and are more wide spread then one would think.
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    Archery Opens Statewide Oct. 3, 2009

    the number of new hunters are on the decline. last i read was for every 100 hunters that pass on theres only 70 to replace them. in the early seventies opening day of bow hunting in the pines had the parking areas full of hunters. today i hunt mostly by myself and dont see many others out there...
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    Possible Tick Illness

    thats why i asked if they are the worrying type. my buddy is the type as well as one guy i work with. anxiety can take over in some situations. nothing wrong with that. not saying its made up either. i have hypo- thyroid and my doc told me its not family related even though my mother had it too...
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    Possible Tick Illness

    thyroid isint suposed to be family related. i have been bitten by probably way over 100 ticks in my life time and have no problems. im an avid hunter-fisherman and outdoors person.are you a worry wart. my buddy once ran to the hospital for a normal tick bite . he is a worry wart and is more...
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    Paul Stamets on 6 ways mushrooms can save the world

    sounds brilliant anyway. i think he was making a little light of the first form of a biological interenet. i grab what he-s saying but i doubt if any of this will be used anytime soon.
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    Coyote eats pet chihuahua in NJ

    what didnt you get in the article. it was pretty clear to me. she is carrying a gun for protection not hunting it down. she also goes on to say that shes getting a bigger dog. i take that to mean that a bigger dog would be able to fend off and protect her from the coyote as well. i think your...
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    Sunday Hunting Bill Voting 3-16-09

    I SAY ITS A WINNER FOR THE SPORSTMAN OF NEW JERSEY!!! -the general public who pay next to nothing to utilize a WMA will get to use the wildlife management areas depending on zones like 8 or 9 months out of the year without any hunters. county and state parks remain unaffected. why be so...
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    The Highway Star

    must be a camaro people thing wanting there old cars back. i had an 80-s camaro only to see it show up in my town from where it was sold 50 miles away 10 years later. i saw it in a yard then it was gone. i should have made an offer. best of luck with it!
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    controlled burns

    the areas that i spend many days each year hunting i use to see heavily leafed brush all over in general. i dont know the names of the particular shrubs but since they burn every year in those same spots those shrubs dont grow as high or produce the leaves. maybe huckleberries and scrub oaks?.
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    controlled burns

    they seem to burn off the same sections year to year. maybe someone in the know could jump in.
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    controlled burns

    in the more populated fringe areas i can understand a yearly controlled burn. im not sure nature would intend for vast areas burned out every year though. for instance when travelling down rt-539 you can see quite a long ways into the woods now and see an almost skeleton like lay out of the...
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    Ahi Tuna

    they definatley have pictures of me on there because i always test my cameras out before leaving an area. i hate to blame anyone but i have a good idea who might have borrowed it for life. i put it out on a friday and it was gone by monday morning. the camera wasnt in too was in an...
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    Ahi Tuna

    just a warning. if you do get a trail camera get one that they make a steel security cover case for. my digital trail camera was stolen in 2 days after leaving it out in greenwood this past november. moultrie makes a good one . there top of the line model also features a code that has to be...
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    Ruffed Grouse

    havent seen a grouse in the pines since the late 80-s
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    Hunting Seasons Begin 9-13-08

    baiting for deer has been around for like 10 years now. its not so new. sorry but hunting next to an apple tree or sitting on a corn field is all the same. its a food source. just because i choose to take the apples from the same tree and throw them somewhere else doesnt make it any different...
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    Hunting Seasons Begin 9-13-08

    i guess you know little of hunting. baiting deer with corn just creates a food source. no different than hunting near an apple tree or acorn stand of white oak trees. deer of the pines have been educated to look up in the trees and feed more so at night. baiting just draws deer to an area in...
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    Those darn flies