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  1. Don Catts

    Welcome to the new Boyd's Maps Forum!

    Boyd, I have just been going over the maps on your new forum. I know I've said it before and I'll say it again, your maps excellent. It's plain to see that this project was a lot of hard work. So one big THANK YOU from me.
  2. Don Catts

    Stump grinding

    Ben, home remedies never seem to work. If you try to burn it out it may smolder for days. If it starts smoldering under ground you may have a problem. Tree services charge by the inch. My guess is between $100 or $200. You can also rent a stump grinder, may be around $75 or so for half a day.
  3. Don Catts

    Sorden Family

    Folks, I know this is an old tread, but I am posting this just to put closure on it for anyone searching for the Sorden homestead in the future. Mary Ann Swift contacted me through the Indian Mills historical Society hoping to find the location of her great grandfather John H. Sorden's farm...
  4. Don Catts

    State Tax Parcel Website Now Has Aerial

    While looking over the map I noticed that on Quaker Bridge Road, from Atsion to Quaker Bridge, there is a section of the right-of-way just passed the railroad that veers off to the left then takes a sharp right then a sharp left and back on to QBR. This section of R.O.W that I called road "A"...
  5. Don Catts

    Pine Barren History Shorts

    Yes Guy, that is the correct stone bridge location. As you know the bogs were known as the Phillip's Bogs. There were several dwellings there if you recall this is our East Fruitland development. If it was ever call East Fruitland it was only for a short time. It was known as 'Stone Bridge'...
  6. Don Catts

    Pine Barren History Shorts

    Thanks Guy, this solves an age old mystery, why was the county line moved? I always through it was moved to include all of Atsion into Burlington County and this article explains why.
  7. Don Catts

    Brotherton Indian Reservation Village News

    I see folks with metal Detectors on the proposed cemetery lot. Remember, if you find something don't keep it a secret, share with the rest of the world. It's not doing any good in some ones basement, thank you.
  8. Don Catts

    South Jersey man's hiking blog has half million fans, and climbing

    Toot away Mike, I'm glad you posted. I read your article earlier today but didn't make the connection. Nice article and great website. I think a lot of folks on this forum will find your website very interested and informative. Don
  9. Don Catts

    Middle Road Bridge
  10. Don Catts

    Bird ID

    There may be more around, but it looks like it got lost from the covey. Just looking for a friend, rare find for sure.
  11. Don Catts

    Bird ID

    Looks a lot like a young quail to me?
  12. Don Catts

    Gloucester County Stag Club Has Been Acquired

    Steve, It's good to see the place being fixed up, I can't wait to see that color green go!! Don
  13. Don Catts

    Gloucester County Stag Club Has Been Acquired

    Al, here is the Wesickaman Lodge, next meeting is, Sunday Oct.16, don't listen to Bob, you may pass, but you will have to shave?
  14. Don Catts

    Gloucester County Stag Club Has Been Acquired

    Al, are you thinking of Indian Ann Roberts, nee Ann Ashatama, the last full-blooded Delaware Indian in New Jersey. Although she wasn't born until around 1805 about 3 years after the Brotherton Indians moved to New York, her father, Elisha Ashatama was a Brotherton Indian. Indian Ann was known...
  15. Don Catts

    Gloucester County Stag Club Has Been Acquired

    Yes Bob, they plan to use it as a basketry studio (weaving baskets) The oldest house in Shamong is just down the road on Atsion road. Its a house built around a house. The inside foundation has a date of 1798. Was bought from the Atsion Property
  16. Don Catts

    Alloway (DeMarco) Monument

    Guy, Don't know if you have a picture of the monument. Here are a couple. one has my friend in it to snow the size of the monument.
  17. Don Catts

    Garoutte Tavern in Historic Pleasant Mills, New Jersey

    This is interesting, it is so much fun to connect with unknown cousins no matter how distant they are. Trade your genealogy and you have another branch on your family trees. Fun reading_ great story. Don
  18. Don Catts

    Bog Iron Ore Beds

    Oriental, how comfortable are you with that date? Someone must have put it on the map years after the map was made. I'm wondering what they saw on the map that suggested the date of 1862.
  19. Don Catts

    Wharton Super

    I have been dealing with Wharton Supers since 1973 and Rob is better than most if not all. The two things I could not understand were the endure ride and the map.