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  1. Sue Gremlin there anybody in there

    Good to know. I always wondered why it didn't grow back in subsequent years. I always let them go in my garden, I love them.
  2. Sue Gremlin there anybody in there

    Looks like verbascum (mullein).
  3. Sue Gremlin

    Permethrin ads

    To be fair, there are a lot of permethrin products that are approved for dogs, and that have been found safe and effective. Some of them have been bestsellers (like K-9 Advantix).
  4. Sue Gremlin

    You think ticks are bad?

    The stink bugs in my house look alarmingly like kissing bugs. The only way to tell the difference, other than size, is the flat area on the rear legs. (flat area = stink bug, no flat area = kissing bug). The stink bugs have the marginal orange stripes and everything.
  5. Sue Gremlin

    You think ticks are bad?

    Ok, that's bad. And they look so much like regular stink bugs.
  6. Sue Gremlin


    Some sort of aphids! I wonder what they're eating?
  7. Sue Gremlin


    I would love to see a pic of some!
  8. Sue Gremlin


    They mite be ticks.
  9. Sue Gremlin

    You never know...

    What a delicious looking carcass.
  10. Sue Gremlin

    Kittens, cute but sad

    Lots of non-feral cats are euthanized in shelters because there aren't enough homes for them all, and feral adult cats are pretty hard to tame and take a lot of time. A lot of them will never become tame enough.
  11. Sue Gremlin

    Warren Grove Fire Area Revisited

    Was that the reason they were so unsafe? My sister drove one for years. It was so stylish.
  12. Sue Gremlin

    Warren Grove Fire Area Revisited

    Teegate, is that what's left of the Corvair some of us found a few months after the fire? I recall that being near an interesting marker.
  13. Sue Gremlin

    Eating Squirrel

    What kind of whine goes with squirrel?
  14. Sue Gremlin


    Was it a pheasant?
  15. Sue Gremlin

    Ticks & Chiggers--a study

    That's a Lone Star larva.
  16. Sue Gremlin

    Ticks & Chiggers--a study

    Did they look like this?
  17. Sue Gremlin

    Ticks & Chiggers--a study

    Tick larvae have six legs just to confuse people. :) And as far as I know, all tick species start out that way, even the soft ticks (argasid). They feed, drop off and molt into an 8 legged nymph. Their 4th pair of legs are in the larva under the shell (scutum). I actually have no idea why they...
  18. Sue Gremlin

    Ticks & Chiggers--a study

    I promise, it's perfectly kosher in North America. There is a website that's operated by Oklahoma State University called, check it out. You can send any ticks you find on a dog or cat to them for ID, gratis. Plus whoever named that website is a genius (actually I know...
  19. Sue Gremlin

    Ticks & Chiggers--a study

    They're probably larvae from lone star ticks. The larvae show up in huge numbers right about now because adults emerge in the spring, find a host, feed and drop off, and lay eggs in huge masses, and then the egg masses hatch into giant balls of evil, all of this takes a couple months. Now is the...
  20. Sue Gremlin

    game camera to identify backyard visitors (non-human)

    Michigan, where I now live.