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    Best Kayaking/Canoeing Lakes in Pines?

    Hey Chilehead, I have a 17' Penobscot on the rack (needs new seats and thwart). For a family canoe I would probably look for something else. I feel the Penobscot is somewhat "tippy". Loaded with full camping gear, the canoe seems to become much more stable. It can be somewhat challenging with...
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    As kids we used to find at least a few every year (mid "60's into the mid "90's). Our house was at the end of a cove on Taunton Lake (edge of the pines). Every spring the lake was lowered to do repairs and remove the "muck" around the docks, and we would uncover a few of them and send them on...
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    What Am This ?

    ...speculation, conjecture AND wild ass guess Automatic Transmission Control Solenoid
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    Exploring Deep In the Forked River Mountain Area

    Your Green Heron photo reminded me of a few visitors to my back yard a few years ago. Quadruplets. OK, let me try a video. I'll probably need some help with this..... The all fidget together, preen together, and sit completely still together... and if you skip to the 5 minute mark, watch...