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  1. Piney Progeny

    Ski Racks

    Anybody have car roof ski racks they'd like to sell?
  2. Piney Progeny

    Sorden Family

    Thanks for looking. The fun is in the search, so on I go....
  3. Piney Progeny

    Sorden Family

    Where can I find this kind of information about my family? The hits you mention, with obituaries, marriages, etc. I would love to be able to look up information about my family, the Roediger's, from Lower Bank. My dad has a lot of info already, but needs to fill in some blanks. Whatever you are...
  4. Piney Progeny

    Pleasant Mills excursion ?

    Joe and I had a fabulous time last night! What a place! what a tour guide! who sang to us no less! Thanks for such a warm welcome to us newbies. You are a really nice group of people! I hope to see you all again soon. We'll be at the Silver Fox on the 21st. Elaine