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    Another Batona Trail Loop

    Yesterday I took a snow covered hike in Lebanon State Forest along the Batona Trail. Not wanting to just turn around, or hike the rest of the trail's 49.5 miles, I tried doing a loop. From the office at Lebanon State Forest, a short connecting trail leads to the Batona Trail. When you reach...
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    McPhee's THE PINE BARRENS Revisited

    I recently finished reading John McPhee's THE PINE BARRENS, after having read it many years ago. This is certainly a seminole book on the Pine Barrens. It covers the natives who live there from a human interest standpoint, the ecology and the social and political aspects of the Pine Barrens and...
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    NJ Conservation Foundation and DeMarco Done Deal

    The latest development in the New Jersey Conservation Foundation's quest to acquire the DeMarco property in the heart of the Pine Barrens: It's a done deal.
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    Batona Trail Loop towards Apple Pie Hill

    I recently plotted and hiked a loop on the Batona Trail, starting across Carranza Road, near the Memorial, and partway up Apple Pie Hill. Based on information from the Batona Trail map, the Wharton State Forest map, and a topo map, I turned right onto a sand road after the Batona Trail climbs...
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    A Pine Barrens Christmas

    PINE TREES ROASTING IN A FOREST FIRE Pine trees roasting in a forest fire Wildfires jumping across the road Any time anyplace this may happen again Merry Christmas, to you And fire fighters are on their way I want it to burn and to them I’d like say Don’t you know my Mother Earth wants to burn...
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    Whitesbog Village

    I visited Whitesbog Village recently for the first time. When I first drove in to the actual village, which appeared to be kept the way it was, I didn't realize that just down the road a short way was such an expanse. The preserved village is quite spartan, with a bulletin board with a map of...
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    I LOVE THIS BOARD [parody of the Country & Western song I LOVE THIS BAR] I love this board ‘though we’re all not in one accord on everything about the Pine Barrens, Lord I love this board There’s no cover charge Tell folks where you've been and what you are Deep in the Barrens far I love this...
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    DIG IT HAVE A PARK CRANBERRIES [parody of a 60’s song] Su-u-u-u-u-u-un streaming down through the trees Dig it have a park cranberries Can you dig it? A-a-a-a-a-a-a place where they grow cranberries Dig it have a park cranberries Can you dig it? And every th-ing is real You can hear it...
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    WHO’LL STOP THIS PAIN? [parody of Credence Clearwater Revival’s WHO’LL STOP THE RAIN?] I went to the Pine Barrens And walked out on a frozen bog Surrounded by woods and frozen water I watched the towers, grown My wilderness plan’s not new to you Rope off lands with golden chains And I wonder...
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    THE LAND FROM DOWN UNDER [parody of a 60ish song] Wreeeeeee-eweeeeeeeewe Doomp Dit-dit Doop Dit-dit Doomp Dit-dit They come from the land from down under There’s no lightning But they are just full of thunder Da Da They come from the land from down under If you speak against them You better...
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    IF I COULD TURN BACK TIME [parody of the CHER song] If I could turn back ti-ime If I could find a way I’d treat the forests The way the Native Americans did In the Pine Barrens Today I have no need for ba-ars For drugs or alcohol too I just want to, want to Do it the way they do I just want...
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    Using Fish to Control Mosquitos

    I just read that in Cape Cod, people are experimenting to control mosquitos by stocking bogs with sunfish. I remember learning when I visited Cattus Island County Park in New Jersey about fish in the park's Mosquito Bay controlling mosquitos there. Channels were made to accomodate the...
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    Penns Hill Trail at Wells Mill Park

    Recently, I hiked past Penns Hill and Laurel Hill on the Penns Hill Trail at Wells Mill County Park. I say I went past, rather than to these hills because these hills didn't stand out and offer a vista as I had expected. It was a nice hike, though, as the trail took me up and down hills on my...
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    EPA Chief Nominee and Cranberry Growers

    The question is what influence would the EPA chief nominee have on cranberry growers in places such as the Pine Barrens? The author of the editorial below thinks he would strike a balance between the economic realities of the growers and protecting the environment (the should go hand-in-hand)...
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    Progress Report on Demarco Open Space Aquisition

    Here's a progress report on the deal to aquire the DeMarco property to be used as a natural area located in the hole of the donut connecting Wharton, Lebanon and other state lands where the public can enjoy hiking and other passive recreational activities...
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    ECO CLOWNS [parody of the oldies CHARLIE BROWN] Fee Fi Foe Fum Look what comes From the utopians preaching heaven Paid for by others blood It’s those clowns Those eco clowns Let’s bring them down To earth to the mound They’re gonna get caught They and their toadies “Why’s everybody always...
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    Truth and The Healthy Forests Restoration Act
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    Feds May Fund DeMarco Tract

    An appropriations bill, under the Land and Water Conservation Fund to buy land in the Pine Barrens is moving through congress. Some folks hope that some of the money could be use to fund the aquisition of the DeMarco deal with the New Jersey Conservation Foundation that's been pending. I think...
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    A Pine Barrens Conservation Ethic

    In A SAND COUNTY ALMANAC, conservationist Aldo Leopold advocated developing a land use ethic amongst the folks who use the land. Leopold owned and managed a farm as well as held a position with the U.S. Forest Service during its early years. He also worked with wildlife management. The Forest...
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    Wetlands Reform and The Pine Barrens

    Recent federal proposed rulemaking on wetlands is a step in the right direction to protect wetlands while protecting private property rights. No longer will the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers have jurisdiction over wetlands isolated from bodies of water used for navigation. The original idea...